Thursday, December 27, 2012

More pictures of stupid shit from my phone.

Because if I could find my camera right now, I'd give you a post on Jackson's ridiculous cuteness. But until that happens, you get to see the shit I see when I'm out an about.

So.. I got a lot of books in the mail to review. Here is my current stack. This doesn't even include e-books. So stayed tuned to those because they all look good and interesting.
 I drove behind this guy. It's fuzzy, but his sticker says "Not A Republican" and I thought it was hilarious. He doesn't know what he is, but he knows for damn sure he is not a Republican.
 Can you spot the spelling error??
 So, about a month ago we had family pictures done at JCPenney as part of a Christmas present (and I'll show you those eventually because my hair looked awesome) and I saw this gem on the wall.
 Is that seriously not the scariest fucking picture ever?? Would you ever put that shit on your living room wall? Looks like god damn Cujo up in there.

Oh man, I can't believe I forgot about this. OK, so I was driving this summer and I see this red Jetta with "Just Married" on the back window and all of these hearts and crap and I'm like- loser. Then I pass it and see that the guy (and let me mention that this couple? Looked maybe 12.) painted the hood of his car black and has this Jesus cross thing on it. I had to take a picture. You know I had to.
 Oh, so I have milk caps to count/sort for Olivia's school. *Barf*
 Can I just say that Michael Jordan was cool in the 90's? It is almost 2013 and it's just not bad ass anymore. You look like a dumb ass.
 This was awesome and sad at the same time. College favorite, Five Guys restaurant, has a board that you can write comments on. Yeah, tell me if you see the blatant spelling error. Yay for the public education systems! See, even if you're stupid? You can get into college.
 Ladies, if your husband is wearing flip flops, in December, to the home improvement store? He probably had no idea what the fuck he's doing and you should hire a professional.
 This lady was at Target on Saturday. I'm really sad that the picture isn't awesome, but not only would I like to highlight she has antlers on her car like an asshole, but she was chugging a bottle of DayQuil. I'm talking, drinking it straight from the bottle. Her husband looked passed out in the driver's seat and their kid who was maybe 10-12 was playing on his DS in the backseat. Quality family time.
I'm sure I have more but this is what I'm sharing for tonight. I went to Zumba with terrible cramps and not only am I know hurting ten times more than I was before, but I have an epic headache. YAY.


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

The neighbors up the street from my folks's house have those antlers on their car & being I'm from a place that sees lots of rain & that those things are fabric all I can ever think is that those must be some limp fuckers after a storm.

Dana said...

See all the great things you can capture on a daily basis? I hate spelling errors!

Julie H said...

My daughter was texting a new guy and he used the wrong your and she said "oh game over" lol.