Sunday, January 6, 2013

Domestic Bitch is back. And kind of nervous.

So I'm back on my health kick and I've decided that even though I get a lot of shit done, 2012 was my lazy year. I look back and think, god damn- I was a lazy bitch. I got hardly any of my crafty stuff done, scrapbooking is so far behind it's embarrassing, I didn't cook much, didn't try any new recipes, and fuck. Even my Christmas baking was disappointing.

2013 will not be the same. No way, lambwhores.

I've decided that the first step HAS to be doing my menu planning again. Even though I did it all of 2012 I admittedly said fuck it most nights and had cereal or french fries.

Stop being all judgey.

So to combat this, I spent an HOUR trying to decide what to eat for the next two weeks. I'm sure a normal person could get this done in a matter of minutes but you see, I can't be normal. Nope. I am hands down, probably the pickiest eater you'll ever know. I don't like trying new things and if zombies attacked, I could live off the Spaghetti-O's I'm hiding from Jackson that I don't want to share. I'd be good for like, two weeks. Maybe three. But I have to do better.

And let's just be clear, it's not that I don't cook. I actually do. I almost always make a home made meal for Matt and the kids.. and then eat a bowl of cereal. I'm at the point now where I'm sure my kids think I'm nuts but dude- Captain Crunch is SOOO much better than vegetables and like.. pork chops or whatever. So not only is making a healthy list of dinners hard, but actually eating them is going to be harder.

It's OK to give me "the look". I get it all of the time. Totally used to it.

So here is what I have planned:

Saturday: Chicken Parmesan with Penne
Sunday: Teriyaki Glazed Pork Chops, Potatoes, Salad
Monday: Crockpot Sloppy Joes, Salad
Tuesday: Soup & Sandwiches (Dance night, easy/quick)
Wednesday: Fish Sticks, Macaroni (PTO night, need something easy/quick)
Thursday: Cafe Rio Chicken Sandwiches, Rice
Friday: Hamburgers, Baked Beans, Corn
Saturday: Spaghetti
Sunday: Meatball Subs (using Saturday leftovers)
Monday: Creamy Chicken & Pasta
Tuesday: Soup & Sandwiches (dance night, easy/quick)
Wednesday: Pot Roast in crockpot (with root vegetables), potatoes, rice
Thursday: Slow Cooker Jambalaya
Friday: Chicken Taco Chili with Rice

I made the Chicken Parmesan yesterday and actually ate it, it was delicious. I have the pork chops thawing right now so that's the plan for tonight. I can't eat a lot because I have Zumba at 6:30 so I can't be all full before Zumba otherwise I'll puke. So if I'm still hungry after Zumba, I'll make a sandwich. But the leftover salad from tonight will be used tomorrow too since we never finish it. Then tomorrow I work until 5:30 and by the time I get stuff finished for dinner, it's 6, so that's why I have a crock pot meal set up. Tuesdays suck hard core and I have a 45 minute window between Girl Scouts and dance, so if we are taking Olivia's friend- we eat out. It's easier. If we aren't taking Olivia's friend, we always do soup/sandwiches because worst case scenario, she can eat while I drive.

This week I have a PTO meeting which is why I have what I have down for Wednesday. I probably won't get to eat, I'll make it and then go. But when I get home, I can eat.. cereal. Thursday is Zumba night, so I have to do a crock pot thing and then I eat that when I come home. Saturdays are always spaghetti and then I try to use my left over sauce for something on Sunday.

Most of my other recipes are off of Pinterest so we'll see how they go. I'm not really a beef lover, and I pretty much only eat chicken so that really narrows it down. I'll eat pork if I have to but I don't love it. I don't like steak or even pot roast, but Matt does so I try to get stuff like that in.

And before you say, "Oh god, Sara. Stop being a baby and just try stuff", let me say this- I think it's a legit mental issue with me. It's not always the taste. It's how it looks, how it smells, the texture, how it feels on my fork, etc. Even stuff I like, if it is used weirdly, can't do it. Cannot do it. It's actually really horrible. I wish I could be a foody and just love food but I'm not. I don't enjoy eating, I do the bare minimum to survive basically and that's also why I'm angry I'm still chunky. It's not like I'm eating Oreo's because they make me happy and are my friend.

So yes. That's the menu. I'm going to make it my goal to search Pinterest every night for new recipe ideas because eventually... this will get boring. I need new ideas.


Julie H said...

I actually did a 7 meal plan, half way through! I've actually dropped a couple pounds this week and I think it's because I've hardly ate out.

Anonymous said...

I need to hook up with you on Pinterest....I get a lot of recipes from there too.

That and a whole bunch of other shit I haven't gotten to yet, but totally PLAN to.

2013 is my year to shine, lady.


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I have weird texture issues as well & cannot eat chunky soups because they are just all wrong. It makes me suspicious of other recipes as well, especially things with onions in them. Diced up cooked onions suddenly crunching my mouth because they are in the tomato sauce skeeve me out & then I can't eat another bite without dissecting the whole thing for onion bits.

I'm struggling with my menu plans for the next two weeks because I am working outside of the home for the first time in like 10 years & have forgotten all those 'come home & cook in the allotted 35 minutes before you have to do this other thing" skills I used to have. I've had the glorious freedom of being able to just log out of the system whenever I felt like it to get stuff started & then log back in again once it's cooking. So all my usual 60-90 minute meals (with their 10 minute prep time) are out the window.

Lin said...

Go you! I've been meaning to start meal planning but just havent gotten around to it. You know, busy eating pizza & McDonalds.

I'm not a fan of pork either but I found this amazing marinated pork recipe that can be prepped the night before & baked the next morning. Let me know if you want the recipe. Seriously, amazing.

Ruth said...

It's hard to get my niece to eat different things. She's like you about the texture.
I could live with chicken as my protein.
That is probably the only thing you would eat in my house. I am all about the veggies.

Danielle said...

I needed to see this post. Hope it went well for you this week!!!