Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I'm raising a lady killer.

Oh hey- I betcha thought I had maybe died. Well, I didn't, but there were a few sketchy days in there. Pretty much everything after Christmas was sickness and feeling like poo and convinced I was either stroking out or having some kind of tumor flare up or something.

Bottom line? Migraines are really horrible and I'm really very annoyed that I'm supposed to live with them.

But anyways. You don't care about that so much, but you want to see the adorableness that is my son and agree with me that I'm going to have girls beating at my door to get at him soon. I just know it.

So on the 21st I was at Jackson's preschool because his class was having a sing along and family craft day. Obviously I'd move heaven and earth to be there because I absolutely love seeing my kids be awesome and adorable all at once. And to be quite honest, I didn't know how Jackson would do. He gets embarrassed easily but I was able to talk it up at how cool it was he got to do a sing along and I think he was excited. He said they practiced every day and it was freaking adorable.
 First up, Jackson picked out his own outfit which consisted of a little button up shirt, a sweater vest, and his loafers. Seriously. He's so into his own fashion it cracks me up.
 And then they started singing and he participated. Folks, this is HUGE. I was so proud I could almost feel my heart burst with love for this little boy.
 Then he looked right at me a few times so I was getting good pictures. I absolutely love that he is concerned about my pictures.
 He even did the hand moves to every song.
 This is probably one of my favorite pictures of him, playing with his fingers, smiling, and his feet. God I could eat him up.
 They sang one of their favorite songs, I Am A Pizza and dammit he's cute.
 This was them at the end. He was pretty stinking proud of himself.

So afterwards we made some ornaments, a gingerbread house and they decorated their own cookie for snack.
 He was so excited to show me what they did at centers, and where all of his favorite classroom things were, seriously- how I didn't eat him up right there is a miracle.
 Another thing that was really great was that there was another mom there that comes in to help out the class a few times a week and she was telling me how polite Jackson is, and what a great friend he is to the other kids. It's one thing to hear it from his teacher because you know it's her job to see how they relate to others, but to hear it from a total stranger? Total proud mama moment.
He was so happy that my mom and I came to help out in his class and see their "show". I seriously teared up and was on the verge of full blown crying watching him be so damn cute and actually participate. I really thought he'd just stand there but nope, he was doing what was expected of him and I was just so proud. And a little sad. It's becoming a bigger realization that next fall he's going to be in Kindergarten and my baby is really getting bigger. He's going to be five in April, people. FIVE. How the hell has this happened? He's just growing up to be the sweetest, most kind hearted little boy and I really hope that never changes. I love how anytime someone is having a hard time in class, they go to Jackson to see if he can help out or make them feel better.

And same thing with Olivia- she's a gentle kid with a huge heart and everyone knows she's the go-to gal if you're having a bad day. She'll help you out and make you feel better. Honestly, that's kind of a great thing as a mom to know that you're raising kids who really are going to be good citizens who think of others. So proud of my little kidlets.


Anonymous said...

After such a great post like this....showing us how wonderful your children are and what a fabulous job you have done raising them, how can you ever think you are not doing a good job?

You a fucking amazing, girl.

Happy New Year.


Ruth said...

I was sick over the holiday too. High fever and horrible headache.
You should be proud for raising such good kids.

Matt said...

It's really awesome to read how proud you are of him, it really showed here.

He's already dressed like he's ready to take the ladies out. I may need to take some tips from him.

justme5686 said...

I love his outfit! He's damn precious, Sara. Well... they both are but since this was a post about Jackson, I'll love on him today.

Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Dana said...

He is too cute!!

Julie H said...

Adorable! Love that little outfit! Enjoy it while it lasts soon they only want jeans and t shirts!