Thursday, January 24, 2013

Never do taxes when you have cramps.

Teaching you life lessons, bitches. Life lessons.

Because tonight not only do I have the worst cramps ever that honestly rival labor contractions (and I still went to Zumba), but I decided that fuck it, I'm doing our taxes. We need to start booking crap for our Florida trip in June and I need my refund to do so. So I get onto TurboTax and it's just really hard to read all of the crap they make you go through and type out the correct numbers when you essentially feel like you are being stabbed to death by your own ovaries.


But the good news is that I finished them and we're only $200 down from last year. Which, not that we even get that much back, but still. It's enough to book our hotel for the week, which is what I need. We're using airline miles from Matt's parents to get us there, but we still have to pay a fee which I hope to be able to pay next payday.

I also learned that Matt is no help. I had to ask him to pull out his last pay stub from 2012 because it wants to know what he paid in health insurance? So it takes him FOREVER. I walk over and bam, pull it out instantly. He looks at me like I'm some kind of magician and if I didn't think I was going to piss myself from ovary pain I'd explain to him that the most current stuff is in the front of the file folder. So yeah. That was my night.

And you know, does anyone else get so completely run down with their period or is that just me? Every time I get my period, I feel like I can barely function. I get the standard headache but then I'm also dizzy, and lethargic, and blah. I feel blah. I also feel like I could sleep the entire day away and be totally fine. It's times like this were I can't wait for menopause. Hot flashes and all, lambwhores.

In other news, I made my eye doctor appointment. And from your suggestions, I'm going to refuse to have my eyes dilated. We'll see how it goes. Tomorrow I'm calling a clinic to see if I can get in with a counselor and exactly how much would that be. So hopefully I can get crap sorted out and not feel like I'm going to lose it completely. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.


Unknown said...

they didn't even try to dilate my eyes last time and it was my first appt in 4 years. so maybe it's just not done that much now?

FinnyKnits said...

Oh sister, I feel your homicidal ovary pain. Bitches are always at me like daggars.

Not sure if this will work for you, but this moon-maideny homeopathic crap recommended to me by the crazy Russian lady at the natural foods store actually somehow works. And, like, really fast - in about 15 minutes.

Also, good on you and holy shit for having already done your taxes. Simply can not believe.

Ruth said...

I did most of my taxes a few days ago. I can't file them yet since a few forms I need are not ready for a few more days. It doesn't really matter. I was hoping to get enough back to at least get all the fluids changed in the truck. But, alas, no.
I get really tired and really spacey during my period. So does my daughter.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I'm on my second Mirena IUD & haven't had a period since November 2007.

Neener Neener

Right now we are hoping to get back enough to pay for whatever dental work my broken tooth will cause. Bitch dentist can't see me until Monday. I was hoping to get most of the cost of a fridge back as ours is falling apart but that's out the window now.

Unknown said...

Yeah..periods aren't nice to me. I wonder if you have PCOS...b/c a lot of your symptoms jive with that.
Good luck w/ the eye doctor.
I'm not happy with the taxes b/c a. the hubby won't get his paperwork ready to take to the accountant I found us, and b. my home business is making it HELL. Ughhhhhh