Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So.. old people should be tested yearly for their driving skills.

Honestly. I almost died today because of a really cute old lady driving a really nice car like a god damn loon on the road. Here's what happened:

-We both left the bank at the same time. When I saw her having a hard time pulling out of her parking space considering there were no other cars around her, I knew we were going to have a situation.
- She then makes a left turn out of the lot and is almost broad sided by a car because she just pulled right in front of them. Thankfully- that driver was paying attention and slammed on his brakes because I almost saw someone die a horrific death.
- I turn out behind her and was going to make the first right turn so I can get to the traffic light. She does as well and proceeds to do 2 mph down a residential street so I can't really pass her. But she manages to stop at everyone's driveway- pretty sure she thought those were streets?
- We get to the traffic light (which she blows through even though it was red), and when I can finally go, I find myself right behind her again.
- I immediately get into the right lane so I can pass her because she's doing like 5 mph on a 35 mph road and people are honking like mad.
- Out of NOWHERE, she like floors it and goes zooming ahead but is doing so as I'm in the middle of passing her. I swerved into the turn lane so I wouldn't get rear ended and she goes past me.

*By the time, people are like well behind her and the guy next to make is giving me the "WTF" hand signal and pointing at her. I'm like, WTF is right, buddy.*

- So we get further down the road and again, she is now doing 10 mph on the road. Keep in mind, she has a passenger who I'm certain can't even see above the dash as it is so has no idea her life is clearly in peril.
- She blows through ANOTHER red light without a care in the world, but manages to stop at the next one. By this time, I'm in the right lane, she's in the left.
- The light turns green and we're going along at literally the same pace and I see she's getting closer. And closer, and closer. I'm like, honking like a crazy person because I have nowhere to go- I've got a curb and a sidewalk and there's a bus stop with people at it a few feet ahead. I'm like honking and waving and she waves back like she's saying hello. She has no idea I'm flailing because I am literally raping the curb and she's in my lane. The truck behind me has a guy who is clearly laughing and I'm like PISSED at this point.
- Then we get to where it goes down to 25 mph and she's not firmly in her lane, but her speed is alternating between barely moving and speeding up. It's basically like what you'd expect a person who's half asleep behind the wheel to be doing.
- Oh, and then there was a train and she flew through the railroad crossing arms like it was nobody's business. Thankfully I turned off the road and was heading in a different direction, but holy jesus.

I'm serious, lambwhores. If you have a parent, I don't care how old they are, you need to drive with them regularly. Do it all sly if you have to but if you have even a hint that their driving skills are subpar and they could kill themselves or someone else? You need to pull your britches up and have that conversation with them. Just last week an elderly couple were in a serious accident- the driver is in the hospital with serious injuries and her husband (the passenger) died instantly. Both of them were in their 80's, probably not fit to be driving, and the poor oil tanker driver who hit them (after they pulled out in front of him at a traffic light controlled intersection) has to live with that. That sucks.

I did call the police while driving, but because I couldn't read her license plate number due to her car being filthy, there's not much for them go on. I mean, saying it's a newer gold color Chevy Impala doesn't really narrow it down, so that sucks even more. Not that I want to make the old lady cry or anything but she was completely unfit to drive. Totally unfit. She can't even see traffic lights- how would she see a person crossing the street? Thank god school hadn't let out yet.


Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I keep telling my dad he needs to take my grandmas license away. Two years ago she totaled her car because she "doesn't like to turn her head left".

middle child said...

I get away from a bad driver as soon as I can. In your should have turned into a parking lot and waited or gone the other way. Or....I would have rammed her from behind to keep her from trying to kill me. That's why I want my husband to put a "cow-catcher" on the front of our truck.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Damn, she sounds like a menace. We spent 10 days in south Florida which has like the most people over 60 per square mile of the whole US and some of those folks seriously need to be taken off the road for the well being of all.

My mom is always bitching about those "old fart lousy drivers." My mom is 73. She's still a good driver but she supports mandatory driving tests every 2 years for those over age 60.

She thinks everyone under 25 ought to have to do the same as well & I don't disagree. She also thinks they should have a device in their car that blocks text messaging.

Between the ancient & the texting it's kind of a menace on the roads these days.

Julie H said...

ugh, this is so my father in law. We just try not to have him drive but sometimes he insists. I think they should just take the keys and hide them.