Monday, February 4, 2013

Fancy dress, reluctant date.

I love how people thought that Matt took ME on a date this weekend.

*insert crazy laugh here*

No, I made him take Olivia to her Me & My Guy Dance for Girl Scouts on Friday. Just like last year, he's reluctant to go because it involves people, people he doesn't know, and forces him to interact one on one with one of his children without me to take over or at least help him through it. It's probably just as painful for Olivia.

I got Olivia out of school fifteen minutes early so I could take her to get her hair done at a salon. Why? Because at almost 31 years old, I still cannot use a curling iron to save my life. It just doesn't work and there's magic involved and nobody is willing to share the secret with me. So I'm forced to pay $30 after tip to have someone else do it. But she looked gorgeous.
 Here's hoping she doesn't grow in the next couple of months because this will also be her dress for the spring recital at her school. *crossing fingers*
 Seriously, how cute is she? Adorable. Could just bite that little nose.


So Matt took her out for dinner before and she was looking forward to chicken strips (sound familiar, friends of mine??) and then they headed to the dance.
And this year, Matt made her dance with him once. It's kind of adorable. I have a really good relationship with my step dad and I really hope Olivia grows up to adore her daddy. It's great that she is enthralled with me, but there really is a special bond that fathers and daughters have- and I hope Matt gets that. Sure, he hates doing this kind of stuff now, but I hope someday he looks back and realize these were the best times of his life.
And you know why I love this picture? Because of the sheer joy on Olivia's face. She's practically having the time of her life, hugging one friend and holding hands with another. And I hope that someday looks back at these days with fond memories. I'm also kind of envious because when I was in high school, I wished I had fun stories of my classmates from when we were way little. I didn't have any of that because I moved around so much, so I really hope that Olivia is forming friendships that last a lifetime.
Oh, and let's not forget this one. The "I don't really want to pose for pictures, my funeral pants are too snug" pose from Matt along with that, "Just let us leave now, Mom" pose from Olivia.

Meanwhile, Jackson and I ate a lot of pizza and watched kid movies. We also may or may not have eaten a quart of ice cream right out of the box.


thewriterslife said...

This was so adorable. I never had that kind of a relationship with my step-dad and the "funeral pants" made me laugh out loud. I didn't know we weren't the only family whose man owned one pair of dress pants - the funeral pants - lol.

Tamara said...

So sweet! I think it's great that you brought Olivia to a salon. I bet it made her feel even more special. She looks pretty damn adorable.
Matt is looking pretty fly for a white guy too.

Gini said...

Aw, super cute! They both look pretty happy, actually!

I also cannot use a curling iron, which sucks because I have the ideal hair for it and it looks great curled. But instead of rocking that shit, I just burn my ears and throw the iron at the mirror and I am not willing to revisit seven years of shit luck. How could I ever inflict that on a girl child? I heartily support your choice to take Olivia to a salon!

FinnyKnits said...

I like your date with Jackson more. You really are a sweet mom, you know that? And I don't say that shit to too many people given my aversion to kid-related things.

Good going all around.