Sunday, February 3, 2013

Random awesome crap from my weekend.

This weekend was kind of a bust. I feel like I got nothing done and I didn't even read. Which, FAIL, because I am on a tight reading schedule and I can't be willy nilly like this. Also? My 3 hour nap today was nice but seriously- not worth it.

But can I just talk about Matt's snoring? Last night I got maybe two hours of sleep and it wasn't even solid. He can only not snore if he lays on his right side and he just refuses. I haven't to physically assault him until he  rolls into the fetal position on his right side. Then. THEN. He decides to turn on the heating blanket in the middle of the night. He insists that it be on the bed under our regular blanket and honestly, at 2 am I feared he was cooking Stumpy, who was under the covers by my feet. It was fucking SWELTERING in the bed. I can't reach the little clicker thing because he has it under his side of the bed somewhere so again, I find myself beating the ever loving shit out of him until he wakes up. Then he gets offended with me when I have sweat running down my back. It's unbelievable.

So all day I've been crabby. I get really irritated that I get no sleep and then everyone wonders why I'm like Mega Bitch, one step from having a cape. So not only am I running on no sleep, but it's only when I'm clearly at my breaking point do people start helping me out. Matt's clue to do something is when I slam the pots and pans back into the cupboard. It's really getting to the point where I might start throwing pans at him. I now see how people get to that point when you see it on that show Cops.


Parents- guess what will keep your kids busy for 3+ hours?
Perler beads. This picture is from December but they were at it again today and literally, they were quiet for three hours and 17 minutes. The only time they said a word is when they were ready for me to iron their creation. Which is how I took my nap. GLORIOUS.

Jackson has also started "shaving". I finally got some good pictures of him shaving so I'm sharing them. He's freaking adorable. The best part is that when he's all done he asks Matt what his problem is, shaving isn't that hard.
 Lola and Batman are cousins. They are lick each other's private parts and spoon all day.
 When Lola goes free, Olivia catches her and makes her play baby.
 But then I remind Olivia she has an American Girl doll and she shouldn't hold the cat hostage.
 This cookbook?
Is AMAZING. This might be the first cookbook EVER (aside from a dessert one) that has more than two recipes in it that I'll actually eat. And most of it is pretty low in calories. It's also in the Barnes and Noble bargain aisle which is crazy to me. This thing is great. Best purchase I've made since my underwear from last weekend. Those are kind of great too.

So this week is a weird little week with lots of crap going on but hopefully I can finish two books and really start planning the Florida vacation. I got an email that my lame ass refund should be hitting out account tomorrow so let's hope I can book us in a non ghetto hotel. I wouldn't normally care but we'll have the kids with us and yeah. It's hard enough to get Olivia to sleep as it is, I don't need to explain that gunshots are really just fireworks we can't see and it's no big deal but you can't play by the window.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Yay for naps. I love them so much, though I try not to sleep for too long either...I feel like I need to be productive and it also keeps me from being able to fall asleep that night.

I hate being super hot at night, though, so that heating blanket sounds kind of awful!!


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I love my Cook's Illustrated Cookbook, pricy but worth it. I bought it a year ago with a B&N gift cert and have been cooking out of it ever since. It has everything in it.

We used to have a heated blanket with dual controls for just your issue. Bu then one spring it got packed up with out it's cord and the cord was never seen again.