Sunday, March 3, 2013

Apparently, I'm a huge asshole.

You know why? Because god help me, I don't think the sequester is bad.


Look, I get that with the sequester people are going to get laid off. People who need services, critical ones at that, might not get them. People are really pissed off that the military can't do fly overs at games and shit. I get that these are all bad things for some people but at the same time, I don't feel bad.

This country is in mass amounts of debt. Spending is out of control yet nobody wants to acknowledge that in order to cut spending, you have to make some tough decisions that will no doubt hurt people's ability to live like they do now. Because you might force someone on food stamps to give up their iPhone 5 to buy their kids milk.

Look at a household budget, for instance. Let's say you were always a two family income, you went on trips, you watched you shows on HBO, you had nice cars, went out to eat frequently, you maybe had a boat or snowmobile, or whatever else people buy. You buy nice clothes and your kids are in every imaginable after school activity possible. You are living the life and life is awesome.

Then let's say... someone loses a job. Your income is cut in half and all of a sudden, you have tough choices to make. Absolutely nothing is a fixed expense. The only things you need to survive is food, shelter, and water. You don't need to have your nice home, you could downsize and get an apartment. You don't have to eat out, you can have cereal at home. You don't need your fancy car- only one of you is working, make a carpool happen.

The fact of the matter is that we are an entitled nation. You think that because you work and because you aren't a criminal, you deserve the finer things in life. You think because you work hard you deserve a union's absurd wage ($25+ an hour to do carpentry? Bitch, please. If that's the case, you better work your ass through the fucking night to get the job done.) You think that because the government has the ability to help you that they should.

INSTEAD, you could get a fucking job. You could go work at Burger King, be a maid in a hotel, do something more to help yourself. Something will always be better than nothing per hour so while you bitch you're only at minimum wage, we have homeless people who would really love to have that minimum wage job. We have people who have been disabled and are basically stuck at home on disability wishing they could be more useful in life. There are legitimate people who are mortified and totally embarrassed to be getting any assistance and if they had the means to change that they would. They actively try to make their lives better. You have people who say they can't work more than one job, they can't work full time, they can't do anything. But I bet if you forced them too, gave them absolutely no other choice, suddenly miracles would happen and they could do it.

But we also have a lot of free loaders. I don't think everyone goes onto assistance as a free loader but necessity is the mother of invention. If you let people stay on it indefinitely? They will. Why try harder if you don't have to? Our nation sucks right now because we no longer require more of anybody. You don't want to go to school? That's OK, just get your GED in a jiffy and work telemarketing forever. You don't want to work full time because you're tired? That's OK, here are some food stamps and subsidized housing- have a great life.

It's bullshit.

I say this as a person who believes with my whole heart these programs shouldn't shut down because I do know that it prevents people from being homeless and there are people who only use it to get back on their feet.

So when I see all of these people complaining about the sequester I get mad because you know what? Nobody could be truthful and say their causes could absorb cuts, that seeing that some people would be without services is hard but they aren't going to die. They'll bounce back somehow and in the end, that's what we want. Nobody could compromise like god damn adults and like we tell our children, there are consequences to behavior. Nobody is able to look past their ego and make hard decisions. Nobody wants to look like the asshole, the bad guy, because they want to be re-elected.

Well here we are. Sequesterville and we are not going to die. Sure, we might not be going on vacations this year. Things are going to get tight financially. We might have to help our friends and family. We might have to get creative with getting by. We might actually learn something about ourselves we didn't know before. But you aren't going to die. Luxuries might go away, you might see sad people with hardships suffering, but we are not going to die. The world is not going to end without flyovers at your stupid fucking sports games, tradition or not. (Seriously? As a tax payer, that kind of shit infuriates me. How is that not one of the first things to go when you're working on a budget??)

So if you're looking at financial changes in your life because of the sequester, instead of complaining- make some hard cuts at home. Get rid of your cable TV. Get rid of your cell phone. Sell stuff you don't need. Carpool with friends. There are a million different things you can do to cut expenses at home. If nothing else, you'll teach your kids about sacrifice and budgeting. The worst thing you can do is to teach your kids that you are a bottomless pit of money, that they can get everything they want anytime they want. Because someday they'll be adults and you'll turn them into the next generation of free loaders.


Shirley said...

Our country cannot continue to raise taxes as a solution to our problems. Our budget needs spending cuts. If I looked at my own budget and saw that my family consistently spends more than we make the answer wouldn't be to get a bigger credit card. We cut out the unnecessary shit. I guess I just don't understand how convoluted this process has become. In my head it makes sense. Stop spending. And for fuck sakes stop issuing tax refunds to people without a tax liability!!!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I think we need to write a book on our shared political beliefs. I wouldn't expect to have my credit limit raised just because I maxed out my card.

Life Love & High Heels said...

Ya know, I was just reading an article the other morning how kids now days are NEGOTIATING tooth fairy letters. There were examples of letters from kids saying they lost the tooth, didn't know where it was, but were still wondering if they could have money. wtf. Yeah. Entitlement. Everyone. I believe in hard work. Sure, I've been spoiled, but at the end of the day- I don't feel I am deserved anything. I really don't know how America got this way of feeling like we can just do whatever the hell we want and deserve the world, but I see this as a good thing as well. I think we need to get an old-fashioned mindset back and essentially get back to basics. Think- our grandparent's generation. You're completely right- we will all survive this. Maybe this will help some people wake the eff up. (I'm lookin' at you Congress. Get your shit together.)

Julie H said...

The office I work in is one that will be affected if they do cuts. It will suck but I think what will happen is that people will just work more hours on the days they are here to make up for it. I'm a contract employee, not a federal employee but I cannot be in the building if they aren't. So I'll get cut too. I see so much waste, it's rediculous. First thing they should cut out is all these paid for federal trainings with flights all over the country and staying in nice hotels. Make a you tube video and have everyone watch it,that would save thousand and thousands right there.

Ruth said...

The government is all about "do as I say and not as I do".
I think the sequester is fine.
The country is broke and Congress/administration squabble like little kids and don't accomplish anything but taking more rights away.
The news keeps saying that now people will have to wait. Well, what is wrong with having a bit of patience?
I've been on food stamps and Medicaid and it's horrible. I don't feel bad we used it, because we paid taxes before we were on them and we pay them now. But, I can't figure out why anyone would want to live that way.