Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Birthday Funness. And bagpipes and lost college girls.

Lambies- this bitch celebrated her 31st birthday on Saturday. It was low key, it was fun, it was full of some of my favorite people, good laughs, and of course random shit that happens every time I go out.

The plan was to go to Old Chicago in Canal Park (which I love) for dinner, have some drinks, chat and hang out and then go see the movie Oz down the street and then call it a night. The thing about turning 31 is that while I want to go out and have fun on a kid-free night, I am not eager to close a bar down. I don't drink at all, but I don't mind going out with my friends and hanging out because I enjoy that too. But I'm old, I'm seriously feeling it and I really fucking hate that.


The bad part is that while I had every intention of getting a group shot of everyone, I did not. I didn't and I don't know why. I always forget to take these pictures and I hate that. I'm such a moron. But it was a great group of people. I had my friend Amy drive up in totally shit weather, I had my transplant friend Jessica, my life twin Tammy, I had Jane and Shannon from our kids' school, I had my work study/bookstore partner in crime Amber, I had Matt and Tammy's husband Chad, then my brother Travis and his girlfriend Krystal came.. and who else? Son of a bitch, I feel like I'm forgetting someone.

I swear I'm not a bad friend... it just feels like forever ago.

But it was super fun because out of the damn blue, a bagpipe ensemble comes strolling through, totally loud as can be. Strangely, I love me some bagpipes and I'm not Irish or Scottish, I just really like bagpipes, so it was kind of great they came through. I didn't get hit on but I got winked at and a double take on my way to the bathroom. Even though the guy was clearly drunk and staggering, I'm going to still count it as a win. Because he could have burped or barfed, right??

After dinner we all got our shoes totally fucking soaked and almost fell because it was icy and slushy at the same time as we walked to the theater. We saw the movie Oz in what used to be the Omnimax and the movie was really great but I felt like thank GOD we didn't see the 3D version because I would have thrown up and shit myself. For sure peed myself because I failed to pee before we went in there like the idiot I am. And holy long movie? I felt like it was long. But that's OK because I still liked it.

Afterwards is the fun part. So out of all the people strolling out of the various theaters, these three seemingly unintelligent, very obviously college freshmen girls come up to ME and ask if I can give them a ride to university. I cannot because my vehicle only sits 4 comfortably and I already have 3 of those seats taken. So between me, Amy and Amber we're trying to call various cab companies in Duluth. They either don't answer or are total douche bags and refuse to come because of roads.

So I feel bad, and offer to let them ride in the trunk of my vehicle. Which, as I explained to the one girl who look horrified, that it's not really a trunk because I have an SUV so they wouldn't be laying on each other but they wouldn't have seat belts and if we got into an accident, they'd probably die.

Not surprisingly, they did not take me up on this.

They then decide they are going to walk. Which, Matt being a total asshole, thinks this is just fine and let us all go home now. But no. That's totally not fine because it's a long walk, it's now after midnight, the sidewalks and roads are icy and shitty in general, and they'd be going through some shady ass neighborhoods I wouldn't want to walk through during the daylight. No. We cannot let them do this. By this point they had started walking.

Thankfully, Tammy, Amber and I are not assholes so we do a little car shuffle and Amber comes with us, and Tammy tells her husband they are picking the girls up and giving them a ride. Because we are decent people who aren't always assholes because you know it'd be our luck they would have all been raped and murdered or something.

So that was my birthday. It was fun, even though it didn't top last year's Chicago trip, but how could it? That trip was awesome! Maybe we'll bring back the Chicago trip next year. Maybe. It's expensive.. we'll see. But I really like going out to dinner with everyone and just having a good time knowing I pick some really awesome ass friends.

 Me and my huge ass birthday cookie at Old Chicago.
 My very first, totally real Coach purse from my parents. LOVE it.
 Birthday weekend kick off started with these gorgeous flowers from my friend Amy. They are still alive too! Plus, it made Matt a little shamed (see below)
 I got this in the mail on Monday as I puked and shit my guts out. (You've seen the movie "Bridesmaids", right? I basically re-created the bathroom scene the entire day. It was horrific. Nobody should ever have to go through that.) But guess what? I have no idea who it's from!! It came from Cafe Press but there was nothing in the box with it... who is this from? I LOVE IT. The girls at work laughed but this is kick ass. This is also my new favorite bottle because it actually fits ice cubes. YAY!!
 Because Amy shamed him, I got flowers from him for my birthday.
Other things that I got were a book, nail polish, lotion (from Tammy), a kick ass goat stamp from Gini (thanks Gini), Amazon, iTunes and Hobby Lobby gift cards (from Jess and Amber), a beautiful handmade glass pendent necklace from Shannon, and some cash. Oh, and Tammy... a girl after my own heart.. got me a fainting goat lawn ornament. It's not here yet.. it's coming. Matt did not seemed pleased but now I can't wait for the snow to fucking melt and I can put this in my yard. SO EXCITED.

But it was a great birthday. I was spoiled, I laughed my ass off, and I felt like a totally special person. And I have really great friends and family. I really do. I couldn't ask for a better group of people in my life.


Jennifer Kay said...

Bastards at CafePress, I wrote a whole long sappy birthday message to go with your goats! :(

Glad you got showered with so many gifts, you totally deserve it chicka.

middle child said...

Shoot! I was gonna lie and say the goat stuff was from me. You got some really cool stuff! And your first Coach. That in itself is a big occasion in my world. Every once in a while I feel guilty for not using my first Coach. Like it feels sad and neglected.
Happy belated birthday!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday!! (belated!)

Jill said...

Happy Birthday! I too, have an inexplicable affinity for bagpipes. You can often find me lurking around Irish festivals. Sounds like you had a great time!

Unknown said...

Yay! Happy birthday! There's still one more thing from me. :)

Kattrina said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad you had such a fun time. Special family and friends make the day that much better - along with Coach bags and flowers.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

You got some nice looking swag there!

Ruth said...

Glad you had a good birthday.
Old! You did not just say that. I am 10 years older than year and HELL NO, I am not old. Therefore, you can not be. Not possible. No arguing!