Friday, March 1, 2013

Dear Sara. And glassses.

I love how Dear Sara turns into a multi tasking thing that helps me simultaneously clean my inbox. YAY! 

1. Did you ever get your fucking glasses or are you still driving blind as hell? First off, I'm not blind as hell so THERE. As it turns out, my close up vision is awesome. My far away (like super, super far away) is kind of terrible. But not terrible enough that I can't drive without them. So THERE. But I got glasses. 
I keep getting the same reaction from people, "Oh Sara- you look smart now!". Awesome, friends. I may not look super smart but I am. Assholes. 

2. You are constantly a support for others, yet you have let us know you are struggling too. As I’m going through a heartbreak right now, support is something I’m relying on heavily. (Thank you for reading and replying to my novel-like emails, be patient and responding!) But in my job, I have to be there for others and I find myself struggling to really be presentin those conversations and to be their support when I’m going through my own things. It made me think of you this morning and how although it’s not your job to be a support to everyone, you still manage to be there even when you are having a rough time yourself. How do you emotionally stay afloat? Because I’m starting to think I can’t handle this week and just want to hide under my covers until I don’t feel like this anymore. I’ve let someone affect me and although it’s fresh breakup, time cannot pass quickly enough until I don’t feel like this anymore. How do you find the energy or drive to continue to move forward? And what can I do to support you?  Honestly? I don't know what anyone can do to support me. I know that a lot of my issues with control are mine and I need to work through them. I know where they come from but I don't know if I am (or ever will be) ready to talk about them readily, or long enough to work through them. But I'm trying to plug myself into my routines more and I feel like what's killing me are shake up's in my routines. As long as I have my routines I feel comfortable. Which makes me crazy. But swinging it to the other question, how to be present when you feel turmoil inside? I'm at least able to recognize that while it's a good trait to have, it might not be normal, but I can literally shut parts of me down. I am very able to tune different things out and focus on what I need to, and then break down later. It's how I get through terrible things doing this. People think I'm heartless but I'd rather do that than be a mess in front of everyone. 

3. If you knew your friend's husband was cheating on her, would you tell her? Only if I had absolute, concrete proof. I'm not one to ruin a marriage and maybe she knows. I would share a concern, but if I saw something that made me know for sure? You bet. Because I'd like to think if someone knew that, they'd tell me. 

4. How do you make your friends know you appreciate them? I realized that I don't think I do enough to let my friends know I'm glad we're friends, and I need some ideas. One of my favorite things is around Mother's Day- I send cards to my friends who are moms and let them know I think they are doing a great job. If I am out and about and I see something I think my friend would like? I might pick it up and surprise them with it. I take them out for lunch or dinner, send a card with a gift card for ice cream or something, little things. I try to think what I would like, and do it for them. 

If you have a question for me, send me an email to sarastrand9438(at)hotmail(dot)com! Otherwise, have a good weekend. Stay tuned for book reviews this weekend. 


Unknown said...

I like that last comment...I think you're great at telling people they care. I mean, I've never met you in person but would consider you a friend, just through our awesome email exchanges. You are pretty fabulous.

I like the glasses. I think I'd stop wearing them if I could get contacts, but I can't let other people touch my eyes. I start panicking and it's not pretty. Oh well, at least I look cute in glasses, even if I'll never wear headbands again.

Life Love & High Heels said...

Yay pic of glasses! And great answers to the rest :) I, too, feel like I can compartmentalize things in my life and how I feel towards them, but damn... boy issues? Get me everytime. But since my world feels a little upside down, I'm working on some *new* routines to accomplish some goals ;)