Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's stressful. Why do people do this repeatedly?

So a big thing that is on the horizon for us is that we decided to sell our home. Not right now, but this time next year we'll be placing this bitch on the market and hopefully we can get out of it soon. I'm a horribly impatient person so I'm sure Matt is already sick of me and we just made this decision on Sunday. It's not that we don't love our house, but we're out of room. We need at least three bedrooms, at least two bathrooms and we've decided we need a basement and a garage we can both park in.

Finding all of this in the area of town we're still in (because we do love it, even when it's really ghetto and our windows get shot out) and within our budget is going to be really tricky.

But it never dawned on me before how much of a pain in the ass this would be. When we bought this house we got the first thing that was in our budget because I was pregnant with Olivia and we were in a one bedroom apartment. We had two house to choose from that were under $80,000 and let's just say one had 5 feet of standing water in the basement and this one did not. Sure, this one had a smell to it. It was the most filthy place I had ever seen, I don't think the toilet or tub had ever been cleaned and the siding was full of bugs so it was like the Woodpecker Buffet up in here.

We were broke, our criteria was low, and we made the plunge.

And over the last eight years we have put a huge addition on, dug up every dead bush on the property, put new siding on, remodeled the bathroom so you can stand in it (because you could not before), made a closet upstairs, put new carpet in, replaced a BUNCH of windows, put on the back deck, and the laundry room remodel.

Let's just hope we can turn a profit or something here.

But before we can list it, we have to fix the front porch, make new front steps, finish the laundry room, and do something about the kitchen cabinets. It all costs money, it takes time, and I'm freaking out.

And we can do all of that and it be for nothing if we can't get a loan for a new house. Then if we do sell our house, we have to hurry up and find a new one. I can't swing two mortgages at once so this would have to sell before we can even look at something new. So what if I get stuck with shit options?


The other thing is that I'll need money set aside for earnest money, home inspection, closing costs, etc. We never had to think of that before because Matt cashed out an IRA and it covered all of that, a down payment, plus money to buy new appliances. (Because my general rule is that if an entire shelf is full of mold and leaks green water when you turn it on? You buy new. If the stove is from 1950 and beyond? You buy new. No amount of Mr. Clean will make that shit right.)

So if you have tips on how not to freak out,  how to sell a house, or how do any of these with the least amount of stress? You go 'head and lemme know.


Jandy xx said...

no ideas from me... i've sold and bought but not at once! but i did want to say hello, and i love you, and miss you... and guess what my neighbor bought me yesterday... a christmas card from you that she "kept forgetting to pass on to me!" she's had it since Jan, the mail man put it in the wrong box! thank you!!!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

You're moving?! You should just move down here. It's warmer.

FinnyKnits said...

I do not envy you. The house buying process blows and I can only imagine that trying to do that AND sell your own house double blows.

You do a good job so that you can talk me through this when we do it in a few years.

Don't kill anyone.

Em said...

We bought and sold at the same time. This ended up like a bad divorce becuase we lived seperately and has what seemed liked chaperoned visits with each other, whether it be his mom (whom he was living with) or my college friend (who I was living with). Needless to say, I am not a great go to gal, but we have done it so let me know if you need anything!!!
PS: I am stoked for tomorrow!!! Pray to baby jesus that the weather stays okay until we get there.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I've never had to sell a house & this was the second house we looked at. We've decided if we ever need to sell we are going to rent it out instead if we can.