Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The second generation of kick ass.

So, last week I had Olivia's conferences and like someone said on Facebook- conferences are the two times of year that you know you are a kick ass parent. This one was no different.

The best part about conferences is that I get to see what she does while she's at school. I get to hear her read at home, I see her do homework, but there is a lot that she does that I don't always get to see. But of course, I took pictures of stuff that was on the wall and it made me realize my kid is not only hilarious as hell but she is super smart too. For a first grader.

So here are some of my favorite things I saw:

 They had a "100 day of school" celebration so they did a bunch of work using the number 100. Here is her worksheet. She wishes she had 100 cats, wouldn't want 100 pieces of pizzas, I can make 100 pictures, I can eat 100 tacos, I could never eat 100 brussel sprouts. In 100 years I hope that I can say hi to my mom. If I had 100 dollars, I would buy an American Girl Doll.
 This one is my favorite. Look at her picture! Frowny face with lots of makeup, green skin, and of course- blue high heels while holding a cane.
 Then they did a unit on American symbols and she did something on the Statue of Liberty- she knows more than I do and I'm ashamed to say that.

Oh yes- on Dr. Seuss day she had to wear her craziest outfit. She dresses herself and this was what she chose. But she wears this kind of stuff every day anyways she was just happy to wear it again.

But you know what else is really cool? Is that she loves to write. She eagerly anticipates journal time and that is very awesome. Maybe I'll never write a book from start to finish but I sure hope she does. The other cool thing is that it turns out she's still super smart. She loves math, she loves learning new ways to do things, and she is just a total joy to have in class.

Which is awesome because if anyone asked me how did I get my child to this point I would be honest and say I have no clue. I remember bringing her home from the hospital, 100% terrified that I was either going to forget to do something crucial or she'd turn out to be a huge brat that others kids hate. Fortunately I never had to worry about either, but I know I have always worried about making the right decisions. I still do. I just want to make sure that I do the absolute best job I can do to make sure she ends up being the best woman she can be.

I want her to be strong, independent, full of self confidence, honest and kind. I want her to be able to take every chance in life she wants to take and know that no matter how it turns out, it's OK. And I went to bed that night feeling like I may not be the best mother out there, but I think I have her on the right track. I only hope she doesn't get distracted along the way.


Unknown said...

You are awesome. I wish you were my sister and those I'd were my niece and nephew. ;) you guys rock!

Ruth said...

That is some pretty cool stuff she did.
I really believe that making a child mind and have manners from the time they are little makes all the difference in how they turn out.
You've done that so I have no doubt she will keep doing you proud.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

A girl after my own heart, I wish I could have 100 cats too. Are you feeling better sicko?