Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Winners and it's that time of year again.

First up, who wants to be a mother fucking winner? You know you do so here we go:

The winner of a copy of S.E.C.R.E.T which is really awesome: #6 Anita Yancey! WOO!

The winner of a copy of Long Way Home which is really awesome as well: #2 Eileen! YAY!

So we've got a couple of winners among us, let us do the polite "I-wish-it-were-me,-bitch" clap.


So guess what is on Sunday? Only the most fabulous time of the year! Yes, March 10 is when I burst forth from my mother and graced the planet with my awesomeness and 31 years later, I am still here. Still awesome. It's a miracle, really.

But every year I really like to do something fun for my birthday and this entire week I'm getting a lot of, "who cares?" and "why celebrate? It's not even a milestone."

Um, fuck you.

We celebrate because I CAN. It's my god damn birthday and I can do whatever I want. Maybe it's a childhood of not having friend birthday parties and goodie bags and outrageous presents from everyone. Maybe it's a reason to get out of the house and have adult time with my husband in places other than my bedroom because we're kid free. Maybe I just really like cake and want to eat it without shame.

Maybe it's all of that.

(And also I love presents. Part of it is a love of presents, not even going to lie.)

The best part of my life is that I have a lot of really great friends who like Matt, go along with my crazy and love me anyways. I try hard to get them together and just hang out for a night of fun. It might not be shenanigans, it might not be balls out crazy, but it's always fun for me. The other great thing is that I don't really have a "group" of friends I've grown up with. Most of my friends only know each other because of my gatherings, and that's kind of fun. It's a total hodge podge of great people who I love for all very different reasons. I've met them at different points in my life, so really- seeing them together is like a "This Is Your Life" episode for me.

This year we're going low key. It's hard to top last year's trip to Chicago and that was memorable to say the least. Maybe I'll do a girls trip next year, but because we're going to Florida in June I didn't think I could swing two trips financially. But I can have a fun dinner with friends and then we're either going to see a comedy thing or a movie. I kind of want to go to a movie, but literally- I'm game for anything. I'm excited just to see everyone, eat crap food, and I'm hoping for cake. Matt has made no mention of cake, but I better get a cake on Sunday for my actual birthday. (Specifically a Coldstone Creamery "A Cheesecake Named Desire" OR, I'd settle for vanilla with a buttercream frosting.) MMM.

Otherwise blood may be shed.

But I'm excited for the night out with my favorite people. I'll even try to take pictures.

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Gini said...

WTF? Who says "who cares" to a birthday?! What a sad existence. Do that shit UP, woman!