Monday, April 15, 2013

Party, Roku, and books.

Somehow, in the midst of everything going on, I failed to share pictures of Jackson's party. I swear I'm not a neglectful mother.. I just forgot. Swearsies.
 So this was our obligatory birthday picture with your mother on his actual birthday. He is stinking cute.
Then we got him a couple of Batman toys which he clearly loved. All while wearing his birthday crown for school. Which he still occasionally wears.

But his actual birthday party was at the bowling alley because he insisted that big kids have them at bowling alleys. And it turned out really well and it was incredibly cheap so we may bowl for every birthday because yes. Very cheap.
And I'll admit, I kind of laughed when his friends thought his bowling cake was awesome. Mostly because I heard Jackson say, "Um, of COURSE my mom got me a bowling cake. She does fun parties. You can't have a bowling party without a bowling cake. It's a rule." Mom for the WIN. 
 Have you seen the movie Wreck It Ralph? If not, you should. But if you have, you are familiar with the Fix It Felix character, and tell me my kid doesn't look like that? He cracks me up.

In other non kid related news, do any of you have the Roku? We (and by "we" I really mean "I") are trying to decide if Roku is the way to go. Right now we spend $171 per MONTH for our land line, satellite, and internet. It's insane. We're toying with the idea of getting the Roku and getting Air Fiber internet (roughly $40/month) and ditching the land line. The only thing holding me back is my love of HBO. And VH1 reality shows. I can't downgrade my life and miss new episodes of True Blood and Real Time with Bill Maher. I just can't make that kind of sacrifice. So to those of you who have Roku- what do you do in instances like this?

Next up... books. Holy shit I have a lot. I had someone stop over at my house to buy a few toys from us and she walks into my room and was like, "Holy shit. I think you have a problem." This is a complete stranger. Thankfully, she didn't mention my six foot cardboard Robert Pattinson in the corner or the Edward doll on my dresser because I think she would have run for the hills. So now I'm deciding on downsizing. Which, ugh. I don't want to do. But it might be time. I'm running out of shelf space and this makes me sad. Matt says we can't put any more shelves up. And he's right. I know this. And the thought of having to move all of these someday? Not a pleasant idea. I haul books around for my day job- I know how heavy these boxes can get.

In other news, I made contact with the bank. We're going to meet with them soon to find out about possibly being approved for another home loan. Cross your fingers.

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Ruth said...

When you get a new house, have one room as your library.
Jackson looks so sweet!
We are going to get rid of our dish.
I know some people that have a roku and just love it. Right now, we will probably use the xbox to stream in the bedroom and get a blu ray player and stream through that in the living room. I hate Directv more than missing a show here or there. And I hate reality shows. Do you have to subscribe to cable or satellite to get HBO to go or can you just order it separate. I have never heard of Air Fiber. Is that everywhere?
Good luck with the bank.

Martha Hokenson said...

Good luck with your home loan!

I'm cohosting a book swap on my blog if you'd like to join in--temptation to get another new book :D. You probably don't need that! My e-mail is, I didn't know if you'd mind me leaving the link below but I will e-mail it to you if you're interested! <3

Sounds like you're an awesome mom, bowling cake and all. Those pics are too darn cute.

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

I steal HBO from my parents. Maybe you can find someone wiling to give you their password?

Lin said...

What a fun birthday party! I love bowling and nothing makes it better than cake. Especially a cute cake. Definitely a mom win.

Good luck with the bank!

Unknown said...

If you get the Roku, you can usually just buy the episodes that you want. Figure out how many of those there are. If it isn't a ton--then it might (probably is) cheaper. Also don't forget the ability to just pay for HBO and watch it online ( think you can do that...) or download nefariously.