Thursday, May 9, 2013

So maybe I'm a beginning hoarder after all.

Tomorrow is basically D-day, bitches. Tomorrow Matt and I look at one final house on the potential future home list. Tomorrow Matt and I comb through three, maybe four offers on our house. Tomorrow we accept and offer AND put an offer in on possible future home.

I don't think I need to tell you that toilet paper is a commodity over here and that I'm afraid the next four weeks Target will run out and then what the hell will I do??


I'm kind of scared. I'm nervous. I am afraid something will happen and the buyer will back out. I'm afraid the seller of dream home won't like our offer and tell us to politely shove our offer firmly up our ass. I'm afraid something will happen and it'll put everything into jeopardy. In times like this I know the best thing for me to do is to stay super busy so I'm not sitting and thinking about every scenario that could happen to us.

Naturally, I started to pack.

Just like when we moved from our apartment I also start with the least essential stuff and as we get closer to moving, I start my progression to eventually get everything packed. And it should be noted that I pack like a BOSS. It's like a game of Tetris with every box and Matt also swears because I pack as much as that cardboard will hold. I hate moving and I figure let's move the least amount of shit, shall we. So this means I started with my scrapbooking closet. Which, is only a closet so I figured 4, maybe 5 boxes max. 

Bitches- I'm up to EIGHT. I'm not even done. A lot of my stuff is in boxes anyways (paper, stamps, adhesive, ribbon, etc) so those won't go into boxes. I have a real problem with putting boxes into boxes. But I am  up to eight and I'm thinking to myself that perhaps I have too much. Just maybe I should thin this down. Seeing how I'm already up to eight boxes I think I will just pack it and figure it out when we get to the new house. My goal is to finish that stupid closet tonight, though. I will not be defeated by craft supplies, though I am exhausted.

Then the information that on closing day, 100% of my stuff needs to be out of here was not awesome. Considering we're closing on this house (hopefully) the same day we close on new house, I'm not sure what the fuck I'm going to do. One option is to rent a Uhaul for a few days, load everything into it and just... wait. Except we have a lot of shit, so I really think we might need two Uhauls. Holy crap, I can't drive a Uhaul. I could barely back my mini van up for cripes sake. So I think I need to seriously hope that my dad is in town. He can't lift/carry stuff but he's a semi truck driver, maybe he'll just drive it to and from for us.

Plan B is to um.... I'm not sure. Admittedly, we don't have a plan B. Matt is taking some of the garage stuff out to his parent's house because there is quite a bit we just don't need and instead of taking up Uhaul space- it can just be out there until we need it or we'll bring it back into town in small loads.

All of this because I wanted a little bit bigger house. *sigh* But things are moving really fast. Like if you think about it- my house has only been for sale for a week and tomorrow? Tomorrow it will be a pending sale.

Barf with me, now.

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Unknown said...

Start packing now and rent a pod. You can have it moved wherever you need

Unknown said...

Start packing now and rent a pod. You can have it moved wherever you need

Steff said...

I can't believe it (possibly) sold so fast, that's awesome!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

yeah, rent one of those pods they put in your driveway and then come and get. Also, now is the time to purge the stuff, not when you get to a new place. You won't purge it there, you'll just leave it in boxes for ages and ages. As a big PITA as it is to do it, pack & purge now. Set a space for purge stuff & have a yard sale in a couple weeks, what doesn't sell take to the dump.
Trust me. Do it now.

thewriterslife said...

LOL this was so really should write a book about your adventures and I don't say that lightly. ;o)

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh wow. Yeah I'm really scared of when I ever have to move. I've been in this house like 9 years and I have filled it in! My craft closet would so be like that too! LOL

I'm gonna 4th or 5th those Pods. Or Pack Rats or whatever they call them in your area. Very handy. That's my plan for if a move ever happens.

Good luck with it all! Holy cow that really is fast!