Tuesday, May 7, 2013

This is clearly my week.

So the biggest news for today? We got an offer for the house. I know, I hear you squealing like a pig in heat. I did the exact same thing. I may also have spit my water onto my desk in glee.

Now, calm the fuck down and listen. First of all, the offer is a little low. We're meeting with our Realtor tomorrow to go over the fine print of it, and we're going to follow her lead. I'm not going to be one of these assholes who wants to get more than something is worth- I really trust her and if she says this is great, then I'll believe her. We have five second showings between today and tomorrow and someone is trying to schedule for Friday. The key here is that our Realtor is telling all of them, plus the one that submitted his offer today that there are other offers on the table and if you want to offer, Friday is your deadline.

Friday is D-day. Which freaks me out. Because on Friday this house may officially be almost not ours. Makes sense, right?

But that means that WE need to get our asses on the god damn ball with making an offer on a house and hoping for the best. Not going to lie, I'm a little scared. I'm nervous. I'm in the bathroom a lot. A friend jokingly put a roll of toilet paper in my mailbox and honestly, I was grateful because I haven't done a Target run in quite some time. I was getting low.

So keep your fingers crossed for us. It's shaping to be a very exciting, totally terrifying, but very good week. And it's only Tuesday.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Congrats on the offer! I can see how things are stressful, but don't freak too much! All will work out, I'm sure!!

Steff said...


Ruth said...

Already? Awesome. I had friends with a house on the market for over 2 years before it sold and he ended up taking a loss on it. She found a place right away, but he waited til the last minute to find himself an apartment.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Hopefully multiple offers will lead to a nice high price for you!

Tamara said...

Fingers crossed! I hope you get a whole lot of money & find a perfect house.

Also, invest in some Desitin possibly to keep the chaffing of the rear to a minimum.