Monday, May 6, 2013

Winners and home search #2. At least there was no sewage smell.

First up, let's do the winners of the two book giveaways I recently had. I want to make sure books get to you in time for summer fun times.... assuming we'll ever get summer. I, for one, have not taken my snow brush out of my vehicle because we had snow in May already. I just can't take that chance. So here we go:

Carry On, Warrior: #4 Steff

Mermaid in Brooklyn: #3 Lisamarie

So there you go! I'll email you lovely ladies and hopefully get your information quickly so I can make sure books come soon.

In other news, Matt and I embarked on house hunt #2 today. You'll remember how house hunt #1 was filled with the smell of sewage, lack of walls and crazy crack head layouts. I really liked house #3 and continue to really like it. I really rooted hard for that one.

Until I saw the first house on today's tour. And then it was kind of like angels singing, though it sounded more like children screaming at the top of their fucking little lungs at the park, but definitely the same feel. This house is amazing. Like, totally me, totally us, totally having the potential to be so god damn adorable you can barely stand it. It feels very solid, if that makes any sense. The other house didn't feel nearly as durable as this one. Not that we'd be enduring earthquakes or anything, but you'd at least like to feel like a corner won't just collapse one day like a bad hip on a grandma.

Don't laugh at that analogy because I've actually seen that happen in real life. 

The other good news is that nobody is living there right now, so we wouldn't have to wait for them to find housing- they apparently have that covered. The house is 100% move in ready. It needs some updated fixtures, some paint, a good cleaning, and Sara's Touch of Awesome.

Which is a real thing. Believe. 

The only downside is that the house is currently a dark purple/blue color. And it's like a block down from a funeral home. Good news, if someone dies I can walk to the funeral if it's there. I'm still calling it a win, parking can be a bitch sometimes.

But for good measure we looked at another house that looked like it had some potential and we didn't want to rule anything out. I knew from pictures it was bad and I flip flopped on it and I should have stayed on the flop side because oh boy- doozie.

First up- when a house is built in 1973 and hasn't been updated since? You will feel like you are walking into a Brady Bunch time warp. Nobody is living there, the people either died or are in a nursing home, I just know it. The horrors of the green carpet with obvious bodily fluid stains, the "laundry room" that was literally falling apart and was not usable, or the bathroom with (wait for it) dark red wallpaper and very dark brown everything else and a 20 watt bulb? Yeah, pretty much like crapping in a dungeon. There was not one redeemable thing about that property. Not one.

So there we are. We are 98.2% sure we found THE home. We're just hoping someone puts an offer in on our house because we are refusing to jinx ourselves and offer first.


Steff said...

Winnnnnnerrrr! Woohoo!

I hope someone puts an offer in soon and you get your house!

Ruth said...

Great news!