Monday, June 3, 2013

Charity can suck it.

Before I even start, let me just say I am a very charitable person. You show me an abused puppy or a child with cancer and I'm spending the money for my phone bill because I'd like to think that if it was my puppy someone hit with a car or my child with cancer- someone would help me out. But with that being said...

Stop fucking calling me. Stop sending me your letter requests so I get three a week. (Unless you're sending me address labels- I'm a sucker for address labels.) Seriously. I give when I have the money. The more and more you send me junk mail, the less inclined I am to give.

If you're the Republican party? You need to just STOP CALLING ME. I have signed up for every do not call list I can find, yet the Republicans don't ever stop. You know who else doesn't stop? The police and sheriff's people, the wounded veterans, and breast cancer research.

Fuckers- I've ALREADY SENT YOU  MONEY. Multiple times. I send an annual gift to all kinds of organizations and that is the best I can do. I cannot send you even $5. You know why? Because next week you're going to call and make me feel bad about a "local soldier who just lost a leg". And I get that that is horrible, sad, and unfair. Thank you for the sacrifice of your leg. But I really have no extra money.

The Breast Cancer people that call me and it shows up as "Michigan" on my Caller I.D.? You people have BALLS. I just sent you a donation and yet you flat out tell me, "Well, women are still dying." Bitches- do you think I have the cure for cancer hiding in my closet and I'm just refusing to share? It's not MY fault there's cancer.  You make it sound like it's all on me to save the world from losing their boobies.

I'm getting to the point where I feel like stopping all donations. Nobody is really grateful. Because just like with a friend, when you give to help out- you do it with no strings attached. You do it to hopefully do a little bit of good for someone, somewhere. And if you are the recipient of said gift, you take it with no strings attached. You don't come up to me next week trying to bum another $20 from me.

And honestly? I feel like charities are really irresponsible. You have to think that a lot of them put a LOT of their funds towards the administration of the "charity" and very little going to helping a cancer victim's family stay for free near them. I mean of my $100 donation, I'd be lucky if $3 actually went to research and victim funds. It's terrible. I totally get every program will have administrative costs but DANG. When I'm getting 2-7 calls per night from these places, not to mention the obscene amount of junk mail weekly- I'm starting to think my donations are for waste. I'm only encouraging this crap to keep coming.


Ruth said...

My mom told me years ago that the more you give, the more everyone seems to want out of you.
And since these places are a charity or not selling anything, the do not call registry does not apply.
If you can, donate items or cash and don't provide name, address, or number. Or pick small charities that don't do that crap.

Steff said...

I agree! I used to select the "Donate $1 to xxx charity" button at Safeway and stuff until I realized that there is probably so little going to research! Instead, I buy food when it's onsale, like dollar loaves of bread or $.39 yoghurt, and give it to the shelter services here in town! The people that receive it are so thankful and I'm directly helping someone in my community instead of padding the pockets of someone in charge of a charity.

Unknown said...

You are right, the more you give, the more calls you get. The charities sell the lists of donors to other organizations. (It's funny to see if one of them has your name misspelled, uses your maiden name, etc., you can actually track back and figure out who sold them your name! Doesn't do any real good, but you get an "I'm smarter than you think I am" thrill. Unfortunately, though, this is a big reason I don't donate to (or buy light bulbs from) anyone who calls or mails to me. I donate to United Way through my employer and to my church, and that's it. Oh, and I participate in Race for the Cure, but I do it for the free t-shirt.

Unknown said...

If you let them add you to their mailing lists and such they'll start harassing you. I changed my number after the Red Cross wouldn't stop calling me 2-3 times a day begging me to give blood. The last time I gave it, my blood pressure was FAR too low to donate, they still let me, and I was sick as a dog for a week. Fuck them.
When the people call, politely tell them, "I have given to you in the past, and plan to in the future. Please take me off of your mailing and calling number. If you call me again, I will permanently remove your organization from my donation list. Thank you."
I think, legally, if you tell them to stop calling you, they HAVE to stop calling you. I don't get people who give their numbers out to everyone and then get annoyed when they get called joke, this is why I give anonymous donations when people are doing charity walks and the such, and ask to never be added to lists. I'm still getting stuff from Heifer international after doing a donation 3 years ago (in someone else's name who was in another damn country!
Anyways...threaten them, and they'll stop.

Martha Hokenson said...

I kind of get what you're saying. I give when I can afford it but getting multiple pieces of mail every day from different charities, which may or may not be legit--well, that's just crazy, and it's part of the reason why I stopped giving to so many different groups. Now I give to the food bank or other LOCAL charities that do not solicit donations from me via phone, mail or email.