Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another reason I need to strap my planner to my arm.

I think I was just saying two days ago how if you see me without my planner, I need to be slapped. It's totally OK to assault me because I have proven time and time again that I am out of control. Without that planner I have no way to say no to something and everything goes in it.

Case in point.

I signed up for this really super fun 5k called the Glow Run, which is happening in Duluth this summer. It starts at 9 p.m. obviously because it's all glow in the dark. I did something similar last year and it was pretty stinking fun so I thought why the hell not.

Except then today I was going through my email and deleting things I've already taken care of and then I see this confirmation for the Color Run in the Twin Cities. The very next day. And I'm in the 8:30 a.m. wave. Which means I will need to leave my house by 5:30ish at the very latest in order to get there in time to register and even then I'm pushing it, so I should probably leave at 5 to be safe.

Which means I'm going to do back to back 5k's on around four hours of sleep if I'm lucky.

Good god there really is something wrong with me. I did this last year on accident and we all remember I came in DEAD LAST for that second 5k and I thought I was going to die. In fact, Matt almost got in the car to come find me because there was that much time between me and the person that was ahead of me. It was humiliating and yet here I am, possibly in the same exact boat. The only positive here is that I can't possibly be the dead last person in the second 5k because that goes all day so I can just fake it like I ran this remarkable time instead of looking like a total slacker.

Then I get to drive the two and a half hours back and obviously crash for the entire day only to get up and go to work the next day.

Again, I need to refer to my stinking planner more often. And never leave home without it.


Trump's A Joke said...

Just thinking about that makes me sore and tired. I have to give you props for doing both of them.

middle child said...

A word about the race. Take pride in the fact that you finished. I am proud of you.

Sara said...

I'm also doing the Twin Cities Color Run (very excited!) I did it a couple years ago and honestly, they don't check you in with a specific time. So you can just go up to the starting line whenever you get there and start with the next wave. A lot of people (including a friend of mine) who had a late start went earlier because it was so freaking hot out. Just a thought. Sounds like double fun though!

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Bwahaha oops! I've not done that with runs (since I so don't run) but oh yeah it's happened to me too. I try to always take my planner with me...everywhere so I don't flub up again. Good luck with the races!