Thursday, April 3, 2014

Another god damn snow storm and minions.

I can't even tell you what it's like to have seasonal depression if you've never had it. And I'm not talking about the, "Aw man, rain again? I guess I'll just go to the beach tomorrow.". No, that would be a dream compared to what living in northern Wisconsin is actually like. Right now, what feels like the 700th winter storm is currently bearing down and it kills any spirit you have left.

Last Thursday, we had another storm and they said probably 3-6 inches but maybe not. Well, we got at least 12. TWELVE. It was to the point where I walked through waist high drifts to get to my car after work and after trying to scrape an inch of ice off my windows decided to fuck it all and just go.
I literally drove home with my head out the window because that was the only way I could see. It was pretty hot.

Then when I got home? I got to walk into a wall of snow. Oh yes, the drift in front of my door was as tall as me. The only thing I could do was go shoulder first and as snow started pouring into my jacket and down my shirt, I really questioned why I still live here. And honestly, I don't know.

But now we are down to two shovels, both of which are broken and ready to completely fall apart, and a snow blower that has lost its self propel function and that is glued together in some spots. No, not even kidding. It was old when we got it but this literally is its last winter. At this point we shouldn't even be surprised it just keeps snowing because it's not like it's fully melted and then started up. I haven't see grass in months. Every day it's just cold, windy, snowy, awful. This right here is why people who live out in the middle of nowhere during winter go nuts. I really am starting to believe that snow messes with us psychologically because the longer this winter continues the crazier I feel. I feel a really abnormal sense of rage over really dumb things and it's awful. I just need spring to come.

Right now we're getting about an inch an hour and this should take us through the night and honestly I don't know if I'm rooting for  no school or not. I'll be happy if my work gets cancelled otherwise it's just a waste. Tomorrow is Jackson's 6th birthday so he's pretty excited to bring popsicles for snack time instead of sissy cupcakes.

But in preparation for his birthday party which is on Saturday, I am currently assembling the goodie bag items and baking the cake. Instead of paying $40 for a gross cake from the store, I'm going to attempt making a minion cake for him (it's a Despicable Me party) and then cupcakes to go with it. I won't lie, my cake skills despite professional classes, really aren't that great so this could end up on a Pinterest Fail blog. I lack the patience. I know I should let the cake completely cool but UGH, that takes forever. And I regret it every time. So I'm hoping that by starting this tonight, I can bake and let it cool tonight, frost tomorrow? We'll see. I have Matt out driving in a snow storm looking for the black licorice you can peel into strings. I don't really have a plan B so he better pull through here.

Other than that, my evening is basically wide open. Except *son of a bitch*, I forgot to set the timer on the oven and it smells really done.

Fuck me.


Renee said...

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SpiritPhoenix said...

To cool the cake faster, let it cool about 10 minutes or so after It comes out of the oven. Then put it in the fridge for awhile. You could do the freezer, but you may end up freezing it solid if you forget it's in there.