Friday, April 11, 2014

Hey- I'm a student. Also completely insane.

Today was an exceptionally busy day for me and then I got sick on top of it. Well, I got a migraine and you'd think by having them all of these years I'd be better equipped to deal but no. You'd be wrong. Anyways.

Biggest thing on my agenda today was meeting with my academic adviser to figure out what I need to take basically. I'm a littler freaked out because it kind of seems overwhelming. I really wish course descriptions told you the work load you're looking at. If you're going to need to write 700 papers, that should be disclosed. If it's going to require reading 30 books, let a girl know.

But they don't do any of that so you have to just guess basically, and just hope you aren't unknowingly punishing yourself for late nights reading awful books.

As of right now, I feel pretty good about the remaining generals I need to take. I have a good plan for fall and an idea for spring. The really nice thing is that some of the classes I can take knock out another category at the same time so that's really great to know and it saves me money. And time. But mostly money.

I'll know for sure on Monday because it's depending on how many remaining spots there are by my 1:15 enrollment appointment, but here's my basic plan:

Intro to Communication - I think this is going to be fairly easy. I'm not worried about this. I really like communication classes.

Health & Wellness w/lab - Based on the description, this sounds like a do-it-yourself gym class. Which is weird.

Film & Culture - This said I'll be watching a lot of films. I'm assuming watch a movie, write a paper?

Math 090 - I'm calling this Math for Morons. I have to take this, then the next step up, and then I can pick either another math class or computer science. I need either that 3rd math class (which the first two are prereqs for) or the computer science (which the second class is a prereq, and I can't take that unless I pass 090) to fulfill that requirement.

Survey of First Nation Culture - This sounds brutal. I'm the most worried about this one. It's mostly Native American culture as a whole.

*If I don't take that one, then I'm going to take....

The United States Since 1877 - Because she advised me not to take my history and my literature at the same time. So, I'm like- do I knock out the boring one I know I will struggle with and take the history one now.... or do I say who cares and take the history next semester with literature and try not to cry? The history class has five books required for it which I feel is obscene. Oy vey.

So that's what my fall is looking like. I decided to not take a summer class this year. Instead, I am going to do as much planning for next year's PTO obligations as I can so that I'm not having to do that and a ton of school work at the same time. Also going to figure out how to spread kid activities out so that we aren't running three places in one night. That's too much. If it's all on different days, it's much easier to take turns with Matt. Then I'm going to map out my work schedule. And figure in my surgery which will happen sometime in the fall.

Also? Olivia and Jackson are going to learn how to operate the dishwasher and Olivia is going to learn how to do laundry this summer. She's going to be 9 in September, it's time. She can already do a lot around the house, but she's going to have to step it up.

I think we'll be OK. Matt suggested we start our Friday night family meetings again, and I think that's a good idea. We fell out of habit and we should pick it up again. Friday's used to be our pizza night, movie/game night, family meeting night, and nobody did anything other than hanging out with each other. It's so easy to just get lazy and give up on that kind of thing but it's going to get started again, that's all there is to it.

So that's that. Come back tomorrow and I'll have a great story about the Most Expensive Couch I've Ever Seen, which is also known as The Largest Couch There Ever Was and how it ended up in my living room. Which was Matt's fault.

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