Monday, April 28, 2014

I hate being judgey. Sometimes.

Sometimes I look around and think, what makes that person think what they are doing is at all acceptable? I really cannot even believe that people are as selfish as they are. Sometimes I think I'm selfish but then I see what other people do and think, maybe I should be in line for sainthood instead of kicking myself.

  • I know not one, not two, but THREE moms who have all given the house and the kids to their ex-husbands and essentially chucked deuces and moved in with their new boyfriend, fiance, and husband, respectively. Now, if a marriage doesn't work out, that really sucks and a lot of time I just shake my head because in general, I feel like people don't even try to work on a marriage. It's not meant to be easy and enjoyable all of the time, it really is a struggle. But you get divorced, and now these people think it's perfectly OK to relieve their glory days when they have children? Are you kidding me? Your glory days are OVER. Over, I tell you. Nothing sets me over the edge faster than seeing someone put their dating life ahead of their children. Oh, you're sad and lonely? Well MAYBE you should have tried harder at your marriage. How about working on yourself and trying to not be a wreck of a human being before trying to play house with someone else? 
  • I can't say this enough, but if you are scared to do 70 mph on the highway? Please don't drive on the highway. You are endangering the lives of others because you are afraid of your gas pedal. 
  • If you cannot turn your entire body to see if you are going to ram right into a car when you need to merge? You need to not be on the damn road. Instead, they just floor it and go on blind faith that they aren't going to kill someone. 
  • If you are a known sex offender, please don't think I want to talk to you. Because I don't. I don't believe people who violate another human being can change, and I don't believe in rehabilitation. I just don't. Don't walk past my house and say hello to my kids and try to strike up a conversation with me.When you do that, I want to hit you with my rake repeatedly. 
  • I unfriended someone on Facebook today after writing her a message explaining why I unfriended her. In short, her baby isn't even one yet and I understand it's hard being a single parent. It's hard being a parent even with a partner, I can only imagine how exhausted she is. But if you are going to post pictures of you getting drunk at home with your baby crawling around in absolute filth and then give us updates that you are going to smoke an entire bag of marijuana because your nerves are getting to you? You are a terrible person. You know what? That's what parenting is. Children bring you to the absolute edge of insanity, but you're an adult and us grown ups actually have to tough it out. It sucks, I know, but damn- deal with it. If you can't deal with your life without alcohol and marijuana, I think maybe you have larger issues and you need to deal with them versus medicating them. 
  • Why are English cucumbers wrapped in cellophane? I really struggled trying to free my cucumber this afternoon. 
  • That's what she said. 
  • Olivia has a friend who is literally, one of the most annoying children ever. We see her a lot of mornings when we wait for the bell to ring and every day I stand there hoping they aren't in the same class next year because maybe then we won't see her as much. I feel like a terrible parent thinking that of another person's child. 
  • I am in fear when we get closer to Presidential elections because I apparently have a lot of unhinged people in my feed. I don't know how this has happened but people are completely crazy pants since we have had a black President. Like, god FORBID. Calm down folks. 
  • I talked to a lady at the library book sale yesterday who quietly asked me if I saw the gay couple by the door. She's talking to me like I know her (I didn't), and whispering as if we're hatching an evil plan to rob the place. So I said no, I hadn't noticed. She then tells me she wishes the city could ban them from public buildings because children are there. To look at someone in 2014 and think- you really believe gay is catchy and that it's any of your business? It's astounding. I told her I'd pray for her. She looked like she wanted to slap me. 
I am determined to have a good week. That's all there is to it. I have even toyed around with working on my book. I haven't pulled it out in a couple of years. We'll see. 


Julie H said...

LOL on telling her you'd pray for her. Really I don't get why people care. It's not like they are going to invite you in with them.

Unknown said...

love that "I'll pray for you". do you know how hilarious that is? That is the biggest smack you in the face thing you can say to a southern woman when she says something ridiculous. i love doing that!

Josie said...

Holy shit I love you more and more every day lmao.