Monday, April 7, 2014

Minion Party Recap

Seriously, unless you have ever thrown a birthday party for a kid, you have no real idea what you're getting yourself into. I had 18 kids in my house this weekend and it was all to help Jackson celebrate turning six. He has told me for months that he wants a minion party because the Despicable Me movies are his absolute favorite. Plus, he kind of sounds like a minion when he laughs so it's totally appropriate.

Friday ended up being a snow day here so Jackson was thrilled not to have school as a bonus birthday present. So while the kids ran around and did kid things, I baked his cake and cupcakes.

Quick advertisement. These things? Yes, they are almost $3 and triple the price of regular 'ol cupcake liners. But hear me out- they are worth their weight in GOLD. Not only do these things not turn an ugly brown color after you bake, but when you take them off? No cake is stuck. It's GLORIOUS. I can't buy regular crappy liners anymore.


So our tradition for birthdays around here is two things: 1. Birthday person gets one gift on their birthday and 2. Birthday person gets to pick dinner.
 Jackson chose Dairy Queen which is just super gross. But WHATEVER, he's birthday person and he gets to say what we all eat.
I'm fairly certain he only does it for the ice cream. A boy after my own heart.
 And after dinner we do the birthday present. He eyeballed it ALL DAY and I made him hold out until after supper. Tradition dictates this.
He was THRILLED. He got a new Skylanders guy that came with some Sheep Portal thing and a weapon which is pretty awesome apparently and I was declared the best mom ever.

After the kids went to bed, party central was constructed. Thank god I had Matt and Kate to help out otherwise I don't know if I could have pulled it off. I was exhausted between cleaning my house, party prep, baking, being a mom all day, shoveling the foot of snow/slush we got, fielding calls, answering emails and then trying to finish a book. But we totally did it. 
The dining room was our main party area so obviously streamers went up and I had coordinated everything in blue/yellow. On the morning of the party I blew up the balloons (tons of them) and put food out and such. But everything else was done the night before.
My brother had to work on party day so he stopped by as I was finishing last minute things and brought Jackson some new games for the Wii and a steering wheel because he wants to play Mario Kart so bad but just can't do it without a wheel.
 More details: The swag bags! Inside were "freeze rays" (squirt guns), maracas and Easter eggs (see below) full of candy.
Close up of my minion eggs. I'm not good at drawing, but Jackson loved them. I borrowed his Stuart minion as decor.
What kind of mother would I be if I didn't have a Box of Shame for the kids to play in? Jackson is in love with it and wants it in his room.
I was originally going to decorate the outside door like this, but I figured then I couldn't see people coming in so I just covered up the door that goes out to my front porch.
See? Lots of balloons.
 For a game I decided to do purple minion balloons (Kate drew the faces) and the kids could shoot them with Jackson's Nerf guns. This was a total party hit (literally) and it was a bunch of fun.
See? I had them all over the living room and up the stairs and they had to shoot from the dining room.
 Also for party favors we made minion hats which are a thousand times cooler than lame ass party cone hats. Matt has mad hot glue gun skills and made these since I kept burning myself and getting glue everywhere.
 The cake. *sigh* This cake was such a pain in the ass. It's not a Pinterest win, but it's not quite Pinterest fail. Kate helped me with the black icing because icing in a can is really terrible, and she made the pocket as added detail that I had missed. I refuse to pay $40 for a crappy ass cake from the store because I've had cake classes, I should be able to follow instructions, right?
Jackson also helped develop the menu. He wanted chips and salsa..
 ..shrunken moons (powdered donuts that he absolutely adores)
 ... lemonade also known as "Anti Gravity Serum" and then stuffed crust pizza. Which.. I didn't take a picture of apparently.
 Poor Olivia didn't want to be stuck with a bunch of Kindergartners so her friend Sydney came over and spent the night. They are best friends and hilarious together. I absolutely love hanging out with these girls.
We also learned that my house is not equipped to hold 18 kids plus adults. Fortunately, kids don't care and they had a great time. They watched Despicable Me in the background while taking turns in the Box of Shame.
Obviously had a cupcake and cake break so we could all sing to the birthday boy.
Then we were deemed the coolest parents EVER because we have a ridiculously large collection of Lego's. Matt's parents saved every set he ever had so in addition to that large blue bin completely full, we have 3 other smaller boxes full of Lego's.
It was dead silence in my office as kids played Lego's and then periodically compared buildings and swapped pieces. It was pretty awesome.

Every kid kept telling Jackson and I that it was the best birthday party they had ever been to. Jackson was ridiculously excited, got a ton of great gifts, and had such a good time. I was exhausted but it's completely worth it. I don't know how many of these kid parties I have left in me, that's for sure. But I'm glad I can do this for my kids. I think I'm done doing them for Olivia. Her last "big" party was when she turned 6 so Jackson is done too. Instead, we invite a few friends over and maybe have a sleepover and movie night.

Again, another bittersweet milestone in parenting.


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Aw, how cute!! I need to see the second Despicable Me movie, but i loved the first. Those "shrunken moons" are an adorable idea. And I think the cake turned out really well.

Kattrina said...

What a fun looking party!!! My mom always had such fun party ideas and games for us as kids - I am hoping I can throw Evan a few fun parties, but not too many. And not until he's older - for now we just do simple parties with family and a few gifts. And I think your cake turned out cute - I'm sure the kids loved it!

AmberLaShell said...

Wow. I think you are selling yourself short here. The party looked awesome, and I don't doubt that those kids had a great time.

Also that minion cake is good! You did a good job mom, don't sell yourself short...