Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Big changes are coming.

It's been a pretty.. interesting week to say the least. Last week was my doctor's appointment with lots of mystery I've left you with, and since then we've had to make some huge family decisions.

I have an appointment on Tuesday so I'm going to know more and I promise, I will reveal it all that evening. But in the meantime, I've been staying busy with this:

- My sister in law is moving out. She had been living with us since June of last year when we bought the house. We've already got a plan for the room and the plan is to have it finished in June because I won't have time for it July and beyond.

- I've come to a really difficult decision to drop out of school. I'm pretty depressed about it, and once you know what's happening, you'll get why this is kind of the thing to do. I don't anticipate being able to complete my classes (and do it well) this fall, and I certainly won't be able to concentrate on spring classes. It's even worse when I realize that financially, it's going to be not feasible for a few years and by the time it is, who cares. So, another dream down the toilet.

- Matt and I had a rough week last week, but it's certainly a lot better know. He's been really helpful for me and I am adjusting. The whole thing is weird and it's just not what I thought I would be dealing with.

- The kids are almost out of school for the school year. I'm kind of excited about this, but I'm trying to find some lower cost things for them to do over the summer. We also still have our trip to South Dakota set for August and I need to plan that out a bit.

- I actually started writing a book. It's weird. I feel like I should be following a plan and it's a lot more difficult to just free write. But the current situation I'm in spurred some creativity so we'll see where that gets me.

- Jackson has Kindergarten graduation in a couple of weeks. I already forewarned him I was going to cry and he told me I could do it in the car. Poor kid has no idea what he's in for. HA!

- We got new neighbors apparently and they are pretty ghetto. I hate to sound like a complete racist, but if you're black and you don't want your new neighbors to think you're straight out of the projects? Maybe trying speaking English versus Ebonics and telling your gaggle of children you "gon' whoop yo ass straight mutha fucka" at a park. I'm just saying, if you don't want to be discriminated against, maybe not play into the stereotype. So needless to say, I'm assuming our park time is going to be fairly limited this summer if I'm going to have adults swearing at their children there. I like a good swear word as well, but you don't see me shooting "fuck this, fuck that" at the park. Good lord.

- I am suddenly on a baking kick. I feel far more productive in the kitchen during warmer months, which seems strange because you think winter would mean comfort food and cookies. I don't know. I feel far more ambitious and productive in general in the summer so I'm planning out some projects for the house. I need to not spend as much time on Pinterest as I have been. I'm a junkie.


justme5686 said...

Whatever it is, I love you and you have all the support in the world!

Julie H said...

Sorry about school :( A book sounds like a lot more fun anyways ;)

Danielle said...

I am always on Pinterest ... hardly ever tackle any of the projects that I admire on there, but I'm always on there!!! I can't wait to hear what's been going on with you.

I had no idea that your sister in law was living with you!! I miss you!

Unknown said...

Pinterest is crack. Like I think there is a damn drug that that site releases. I shouldn't share my favorite food blogs with you :-/.

I'm really sorry about all the shit you're dealing with. We don't deserve to have our bodies fail on us. It's been a rough couple of weeks with my mom as well (I really downplayed what happened when I wrote about it in my blog...I should probably do a followup).

Have fun bawling your eyes out at Jackson :)