Thursday, May 15, 2014

Don't worry, I'm not dying.

First of all, THANK YOU for all of the concerned and kind emails and messages. You guys really are the best. I sometimes forget I even have readers since I don't typically get many comments, but then you read something and everyone contacts me personally and it reminds me you do read the blog and worry.

So for that, thank you. You really have no idea what a big deal it is for me to know that I have a LOT of people that support me through all kinds of insanity.

I have big news to share with you, just not yet. I have some more tests happening on the 27th, so maybe after that I'll share what little I know. Just know that I'm going to be fine and I'm certainly not dying. I'm thrown for a loop, it's a bump in the road, it means major life changes but it certainly isn't something we can't over come.

Which makes it sound like something horribly major is happening, and I assure you that isn't the case.

Matt and I are still trying to muddle our way through this like married people do, and we still haven't sat down with the kids to talk about what this means for us as a family, so once we get all of that squared away- I'll fill you all in. I'll give you all the dirty details, the stories which will be funny for you all and maybe funny for me someday, and you'll know as much as I know.

But in the meantime, I'll be mentally and emotionally working through this next chapter and figuring out what it means for not just me but all of us. I've talked to some people who said this is no big deal, you just do it. Others think I'm insane and want me to really look into my options because it'd be less stress on everything. And I hate that I'm being so vague about it with you, because I have some really great insight now that I've actually experienced some of this stuff and have had to really consider it.

As of right now, seasonal depression has officially settled over me and the days of barely cracking 50 degrees and it not mattering because of wind off of Lake Superior are getting to me. It's like living in the polar version of Seattle, that's how I'm thinking of it. I just want sunshine and heat.

I'm thinking of surprising Matt with a trip to a warm climate, kid free, for our ten year anniversary next month. Sure, we've not been in a great place as of late and Tuesday's news did nothing to help that, but I really think we need to get away from everything and say screw it all. Just for a few days at least. We'll see.


♥ Drazil ♥ said...

I'm thinking of you!

Jen Mc said...

Thinking of you!!!! Maybe a trip away is what's needed. :)
Try to have a good weekend.