Monday, May 19, 2014

My life, according to my phone.

Who doesn't love a good dump of phone pictures? I know I do. Let's do this.

I saw this book and I don't even care what it's about, but I want it. Badly. 

I wake up most mornings with a dog's ass on my head. 

Not long ago, I had a customer at work say I dropped something down my shirt. Nope, just bra failure. 

I organized pens at work. And made my own dividers. It was a slow day. 

I am still upset I didn't get to go to the Manchester Orchestra concert this week. I wore my shirt from their last show to make me feel less sad. 

Jackson says I work too hard at home, at work and at his school. He demands to give me foot rubs. I'm not against this. 

Jackson and I agree these are unexpectedly delicious. Weird, but delicious. 

Jackson also said he is trying to save his money to get me either a pony or a goat (whichever is on sale, of course) but in the meantime, he'll just draw me one. 
Ignore the fact that this is a public bathroom. But take notice how big girl she is- sometimes I look at her and remember the chubby baby she once was and miss it. 


Kattrina said...

Jackson is so sweet - foot rubs and a horse/goat!!! And I will have to try the watermelon oreos. My favorite is mint.

Tina said...

That bra malfunction? I could probably have an entire blog post on underwire blowouts.