Sunday, June 22, 2014

Last Day of School. Bring on the sads.

You guys. I'm so behind in updating you on life and the kids, I'm going to try really hard to get totally caught up. So let's start with the last day of school, shall we?

That was actually a week ago now. I felt really bad because usually on the last day of school I have cute little post cards my kids hand out to their classmates with our contact information so we can arrange play dates. That didn't happen this year because I was dealing with the miscarriage, being sick, prepping for face surgery, just a lot on my plate. I usually have this really thoughtful gift for their teachers and this year I got them two books, a gift card and a handmade card. I did write out a really nice note in each of them because we are so lucky to not only be in a really great school but they have great teachers. This year especially, was pretty stressful for me, and their teachers are just really kind people.

I'll post later about Jackson's kindergarten graduation because oh-my-god it was adorable. But this was him on his very last day of kindergarten. He had Mrs. Androsky for 4K and then kindergarten this year and I can't even tell you how much we love her. She is a GREAT teacher and I am so incredibly thankful Jackson had her because she got him to love school. I  never had to fight him to go to school and you can tell she loves those kids like her own. He worked so hard on his sight words and reading because he wanted to show her what he could do and he never wanted to disappoint. Plus she was just a ton of fun, you can tell those kids enjoyed seeing her every day and she just works so hard to bring out the best in the children.
I got to come in and help kids read this year and you just get attached to them. So I was glad I got to pick the kids up from school on their last day so I could see the kids from his class and wish them a good summer. His teacher got a really good opportunity at another school so I'll be bummed to not see her every day, but we're really excited for her. She is a fantastic teacher and this district is so lucky to have her. 

Then my Olivia... good god she has matured this year. She has always been a really hard working, studious kid but this year her teacher really brought out the best in her. We've been lucky to have fantastic teachers every year, and lord knows I loved her first grade teacher a TON, but Mrs. Milroy was amazing. I really appreciate the fact that their school is pretty no nonsense. Kids have responsibility and even though they are so young, it's known that school is their job. Parents go to work, students come here and this is their job. Her teacher helped her excel even more at math this year, really pushed her to go further than some of her classmates. Not only that, but they got to make actual books (like, she's a published author, this kid. I have a hard copy book of her animal report that they spent months working on and researching.), and they covered SO MUCH material this year. Every day she'd come home telling me what they'd learn and she was so into it.  Every day she would rave at the fun activities her teacher planned, learning how to cook things during "snazzy snack", learning about organizations in our community and helping to raise money for the animal shelter, their Flat Stanley project, and hearing about her teacher's children. She absolutely adored her teacher and honestly, I think she'd go home with her if she had the chance! HA!
This teacher got my kid excited to read encyclopedias, maps, and dictionaries. And can I just say that her teacher was really amazing at boosting self esteem? She always encouraged Olivia to push harder, do better, give a little bit more and she always did because she knew she could. On a personal note, her teacher is just the kindest soul- the well wishes during my miscarriage were just the nicest thing ever.

So every time I hear people complain about their kids' teachers, or Common Core, or just school in general- I know I am lucky. My kids are incredibly lucky to be in such a fabulous school. I have never once felt like I couldn't ask for help or guidance, and any time I ever had a question on what they are doing in school, I got a ton of resources. And not just from their teachers, but other teachers. Maybe it's because I take the time to make a personal connection, volunteer, help out wherever I can, maybe it's just that they are really great people. Regardless, it was another fantastic year.
And to fully bring it full circle- here they were on the first day of school this year. I can't even believe how much the grew in one year. 

One year. 

Next year, Olivia will be in third grade. We have instructions to keep working on multiplication over the summer because they start third grade with no review. No more babying these kids- they can do it. Jackson starts first grade and they get going right away on reading. He can read level one and some level two books right now, but we're going to keep practicing. His teacher gave the students some math and language arts work books to practice over summer and he is just whipping through them so I'll have to get him a few more. 

But that's it. Another year in the books. 

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thotlady said...

I am a former teacher and know how important it is to get kids to like school. You are lucky these teachers encourage and teach good skills in these early school years.