Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life via my phone

I'm in the process of taking pictures off my phone and putting them into organized files on my computer. Mostly because between photos and music, my phone is totally full.


So let's see what I've got here.

Airborne Toxic Event at First Avenue in Minneapolis. I can't remember when this was. Good lord, my memory is going already. 

I really hate it when people open their doors in drive thru. If your window doesn't work, you need to walk in, this is ridiculous. I do remember this guy dropped his latte because his arm was too short and he started yelling at the person in the window. Like it's her fault you've got a hoopty car window. 

Batman and his shameless self really doesn't need explanation. 

Airborne Toxic Event again. Same venue and everything! They are really great live, so I go whenever I can. 

Oh, this was... last summer? Maybe the summer before? Canal Park in Duluth, being total tourists and sitting the moose chair. 

Jackson diligently practicing writing his name. We have learned if you have him do it on a dry erase board, he'll do it as many times as you want him to. 

Ice cream truck in our new neighborhood, last summer. Seriously, the first drive through this year and they were out of snow cones. Unacceptable. 

For the Halloween dance show this past year, Olivia got to dress up in her costume. Well, she was going to be Ariel and her dress was snug at the bottom so we had to come up with a plan b costume. We came up with Ladybug Girl based off the book, borrowed some wings and antennae and the tulle skirt and it came out adorable. 

Twinky, post hair cut/beauty salon day. He loves it. 

Sunday cuddles in bed. 

Me at the John Mayer concert a few months ago. That was a GREAT show. Philip Phillips opened for him and he was just really great as well. 

We'll do another photo dump soon. This shall keep you busy until I come back from surgery. :) 


Julie H said...

I love phone dumps :)

thotlady said...

The last one is a nice photo of you. Good luck on the surgery!