Monday, August 25, 2014

Olivia's best birthday present ever, a month early.

Way back in January I had heard that Katy Perry was going to be coming on tour in Minneapolis (which is like 2 1/2 hours from us one way) and I knew that come hell of high water, we were going to go. Olivia absolutely loves Katy Perry and not just because of her music, but she has become really cognizant of "pretty" people and how a lot of models, actresses, singers, etc are blond and occasionally she will tell me she wishes that she was blond. Not only are they blond, but they are skinny. Which, Olivia is a brunette and she is very skinny. But it doesn't seem to help when other girls at school say she's fat or something (which  yes, that happens. That happens quite a few times in any given school year.)

Which, to hear your child say she wishes she was something other than what she is, is absolutely heartbreaking.

But she really likes Katy Perry because she has dark hair, she likes her music, and Olivia tells me maybe someday she can be like Katy. Well, I don't know about that, but at this point, whatever helps her feel better about herself, I'm all about.

So I talked to my friend Andrea, and her daughter Sydney (Olivia's best friend) really loves Katy Perry too. Coincidentally, their dance routine was to the song "Roar" so we decided we were going to buy the girls concert tickets for their birthdays. Sydney's birthday is in July, Olivia's is September, and the concert was in August. It was kind of perfect. So we bought the tickets and kept our mouths shut until Sydney's birthday in July.

Which was so hard. Dude, you have NO IDEA how hard that was.

But they were kind of confused as to what a concert was because neither had been to a real one in a stadium before, but they were excited nonetheless to see Katy Perry.

So we left early yesterday so we'd have time to have dinner before the concert. Andrea made cute signs for the girls to hold at the show. I had purchased pink cat ears for them, and both girls had adorable concert wear and were totally ready for the show.

Pre-concert, holding signs. Stinking adorable.

Once we got to our seats, Olivia was pretty overwhelmed at how many people there were and how huge this was. She had no concept of what a concert was, so she was pretty damn excited.
Olivia and I before the first opening act, Feras, came on. He was pretty terrible. He's like, stuck in 1986 and had a synthesizer. He was a little emo and it was just... it was terrible. Olivia was particularly offended he had a see through shirt AND a dress.

But then Kacey Musgraves came on and we both love her, so she got excited.
And absolutely loved her dress. And loved that she sang "Follow Your Arrow" which is one of her favorite songs ever.
But then it was time for Katy to come on and I'm not kidding you, Olivia's eyes almost came out of her head. She really had no idea what she was in for.
Once the smoke settled and you could clearly see Katy, Olivia yells, "MOM!! That's Katy Perry! She's really here!!"
And she was.
I don't think I could have taken enough pictures of her face that night and in fact, these are really the only two that I got, but she was so excited.
She didn't even notice that we were almost in the nosebleeds. Pretty close.

Oh wait, I got one of her holding her sign when Katy zoomed through the air not too far from us.
She loves the song "Dark Horse" and she thought it was a real horse on stage.
Wait, no- I found another one of her! Holding my phone as a light during "Unconditionally". She thought it looked like a million little stars and wanted to be a part of it.
 "Walking on Air" was pretty cool. She was glad we weren't down there, we wouldn't be able to see anything.
 "It Takes Two" kind of a weird performance but good.
"Birthday" was pretty great as was "This is How We Do"- our girls were totally dancing and singing their little hearts out. Olivia said it was the best birthday present ever. Oh! And during the encore, "Firework" was played and you had to put on the prism vision glasses and everything basically looked like a prism. It was a pretty cool experience at a concert, can't say I've ever done that before. But Olivia loved it and said she wants to go to concerts with me all of the time.

I've done my job. My girl is properly introduced to the greatness of a live show, AND she got to see her favorite singer. I couldn't afford to get her a t-shirt so I convinced her a poster is MUCH cooler, so she now has her Katy Perry poster on her wall with her sign that she held next to it. I remember seeing New Kids on the Block when I was 7 for my first concert and it was literally the greatest part of my childhood. I haven't ever forgotten it and I don't think Olivia will ever forget Katy Perry.

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Kattrina said...

She looks so happy! What a great experience - she'll never forget! I personally hate concerts and would be happy to never attend one again. I find them too loud, the other people too annoying, and the music out of my control (I like being able to skip/rewind songs, etc.). I feel like an anomaly though, because most people I know love concerts.