Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The LUMP... under the carpet

Anyone who has followed this blog or knows us in real life knows Matt and I are not afraid to take on a home improvement project. We'll do just about anything and in our previous house, we had to do a wide variety of things, none of which were easy and not traumatic. I think every project in that house brought us to the brink of divorce, we certainly cried a lot, and a lot of swears were heard throughout that neighborhood.

I think that was one of the biggest reasons we were so sad to leave that house, we literally poured a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and money into that house. A lot.

When we bought this house we bought it with the understanding that sure, some things will need updating but it's not like we didn't have the skills. We had experience, we learned the do's and don'ts, and the process of projects. We've been here a little over a year now and basically, we haven't done much. We've painted almost every room, except for our bedroom, the kitchen, and downstairs bathroom. Those will happen in due time. We are steadily working on a family room in the basement and I'm trying to talk Matt into making the bathroom down there maybe a half bath at least because all it is is a toilet.

The biggest project that I was the most fearful of was the carpet. Folks, the carpet situation in this house is disgusting. I'm at the point where I'm embarrassed to have people over because it's really fucking disgusting. When we bought the house, we saw some stains but I honestly thought a couple of runs with a good carpet cleaner would fix it.

Do you see? The entire dining room and connected living room carpet is a blue/gray color but mottled with stains. The dining room is a whole lot worse (above) than the living room. Granted, I did spill an entire tub of gravy on the floor but to my credit, we got that up. This? We aren't totally sure what these stains are. But they are gross and as it turns out, the more we tried to clean it, the worse it actually got. So the decision was that carpet is really expensive and these rooms are fairly large. The next option was to do a laminate or some other wood flooring, but it would have to match up to the hardwood in my office that was never carpeted and we didn't want it to be super different. 

The biggest obstacle was this lump in the floor. Almost right down the middle of the dining room floor there is a ridge, a really long lump. Matt said he really thought it was the floor settling on either side of a wall that's in the basement. Our house is easily over a 100 years old, this was possible. Worst case scenario we have a serious problem that definitely needs to be corrected before we do any type of flooring. The issues could be a variety of things, all ranging in dollar amounts to fix. 

We're broke, so we were scared. I told Matt, totally on a whim after work, let's just do it. Let's pull this carpet up and see what the hell we're dealing with because I'll be damned if I let a baby crawl on this floor. Whether we have #3 or not, I plan on babysitting my new niece after she's born and there's no way in hell that will happen on this carpet. Barf. So Matt got to work. 

 He would not wear a tool belt even though I said he looks better with a tool belt. Sad. Next time, for sure.

So he started pulling carpet from the tack strips. And immediately, the smell.

You guys.

It honest to god smelled like I had walked into a porta potty. You could tell the underside of the carpet was ruined. It's not just the stains we could see, it was worse. The pad? Not only had they gone cheapest pad ever and it was disintegrated in high traffic areas, but whatever liquid went through the carpet? Was disintegrating the pad. And the pad? Still moist in some areas.

Let that sink in folks. The area directly under the table (where nobody obviously walks and nothing gets spilled, we've had nothing drop on it there)? Wet. Gag. Seriously. Matt was gagging. You know things are bad when Matt gags.

But what was under there?
 Really amazing wood floors, people. Amazing wood floors. Minimal damage. Two areas were "patched" terribly, but Matt is confident he can fix it.
 The biggest issue now is you can tell the threshold between the dining room and my office? Not a single fuck was given. That is not a phrase you want to have in reference to your home.
But seriously- look at that floor. It's a beaut. We didn't pull up the carpet in the living room because that requires moving a lot more furniture. We're going to pull the staples out from along the edges, figure out the baseboard situation (taller baseboards or put a moulding on the bottom to cover up the gap) and fix the threshold into the kitchen, where there is linoleum.

Oh, and the ridge? Turns out it is settling on either side of a wall in the basement. But with the carpet gone? You can't even tell at all unless you're looking for it. Seriously. We have never been this lucky in any kind of project. Today is obviously the day to purchase a Powerball ticket. 


Unknown said...

That is fantastic! You had me so very nervous girl!

Unknown said...

I had a house that we pulled nasty carpet up from (cat piss everywhere) and also beautiful hardwood under! we just sanded & shit & it was awesome!! I'm so happy that something finally went in your favor!! yay!!

Brenda said...

Oh wow!!! You are indeed lucky! When done, those floors are going look fabulous!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That is awesome! You can rent a big floor sander & get it all cleaned up!

Under my carpet is concrete slab. You can't do shit with concrete slab except stain it, but then you are still walking on concrete slab.

Which is why - 8 months later- we still have the non-moldy half the carpet still in our bedroom. no money to do anything but stain the concrete and that ain't happenin'.

Julie H said...

I thought there was going to be something dead under there lol. TG it's just some stinky carpet and nice floors!

thotlady said...

Nice, a positive for a change.