Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween- once again it's freezing.

Easily one of the lamest things about living in northern Wisconsin is that Halloween and Easter are so questionable weather wise. You want to wear cute costumes on Halloween and you want to wear nice dress clothes on Easter and both holidays require your outfit to be something you can layer otherwise you will die.

OK, maybe you won't die, but it will certainly suck because it is ridiculously cold. Or by some freak chance, it's abnormally hot so you are sweating to death under your layers, cursing Mother Nature to just get her shit together and be consistent.

This year it happens to be freezing. Thankfully we aren't walking in snow drifts like in years past, but it's still enough that you have to wear a coat, mittens and something on your ears and then it's like, "Oh- I see you dressed up as... um... a regular person? That's nice." You can't even see the damn costumes.

Fortunately, the day we went to Boo at the Zoo it wasn't totally freezing, though Olivia would disagree. (To my credit though, she fought me hard on the jacket and decided that at age 9, surely she knows best and I'm too bossy and she's just going to go dressed as she was. FINE. We all need to learn tough lessons.)

So Olivia has decided to be Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, complete with ruby red glitter heels that she wore the entire time we were at the zoo. Which, if you've never been to the zoo in Duluth, it's basically in the bowl of a valley and there are tons of hills and it's a bitch if you are pushing a stroller, also a bitch if you are not wearing proper footwear, like Olivia. She took it like a champ though, probably because everyone kept stopping us to tell us how great she looked. You can't tell, but her dress is even sparkly so you could definitely see us coming. 

Jackson opted to be Frankenstein, only because I promised him glow in the dark face paint for Halloween night. (Which I totally came through on, and he now wants to wear it every night to bed and saves it will save us electricity because then he wouldn't need a night light.) 

Overall it was really fun. They got lots of candy, we got tons of coupons to local restaurants (which I admit is my main motivation to going, because that's how we eat out as a family- free kids meals, holla!)
 He obviously insisted that we stopped and got his picture under the giant inflatable Frankenstein.
This was them at the end. You can tell both of them are beyond ready to get the hell out of the zoo. Jackson was angry I wouldn't let him eat all of his candy, and Olivia said her legs were going to fall off, to which I said, "Beauty hurts. Let us remember this when you want to wear heels to school, mmkay?"

So right now, I'm working on some crafty things and Matt is taking the kids around my mom's neighborhood then ours for trick or treating. We stayed up late last night watching movies together, so I'm betting they'll be out before 8:00, which is fine by me.

Tomorrow I have to seriously clean this house. It's becoming kind of obvious that my exhaustion level is really taking a toll on this place. There is a trail of an unidentifiable sticky substance from the garbage can in the kitchen to the first floor bathroom, and I need to deal with that. Mostly because cat fur is now sticking to it.

Yah- things are bad up in here. Matt is being great and not saying anything, but he's also not totally opting to pick a mop up himself, either. So tomorrow I'm going to really clean this place up. Mostly because I can't handle it anymore. And then work on baby room stuff. I have a very cool no sew diaper changing table thing I'm working on, and I'm like half done. Pictures soon!

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Zoƫ said...

can you believe next year there will be a BABY in these photos? Well , maybe not just the three of them and the baby like, sitting there, but you know. THREE KIDS. Olivia looks great those shoes are amazing! She definitely toughed it out for beauty...