Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The flamingo dances.

I have a lot of nicknames and things I call my kids, and sometimes I use their actual name. But one of my favorite names for Olivia is Flamingo. Honestly, she looks like a flamingo. I'm not saying it to be mean, but genetically right now, she is looking very much like a flamingo with her long, skinny legs and knobby knees.

Obviously, you agree.

But she had her dance recital and I always have a mix of laughing and tearing up because she's so damn cute.
She's the second from the left in this one.
Purple shirt in the rainbow routine. 
 Dead center. The knobby knees are a give away.
 I have no idea. I kind of lost her. HA!

She absolutely loves dancing. She's not the greatest, but she sure does try. I still need to sign her up for next year, but I also need about $215 to do so if I did my math correctly. So here's hoping Matt has some decent overtime this summer! She really wants to be on the dance team by the time she gets to the high school so I try to encourage her. I remember being little and wanting to be a majorette in high school. Unfortunately, we moved and my new high school didn't have majorettes, but you could be a cheer leader, or on poms. I really wanted to do poms, but the year you could try out I had to choose between poms or driver's education because my parents couldn't pay for both. That's like Sophie's choice when you're in high school, you can be popular and on poms and get invited to parties but can't drive to them OR you can have the ability to drive to parties but not get invited because you aren't popular. I mean, what kind of kid should have to make that choice? 

But I chose driver's education because honestly, I didn't have the patience to deal with immature kids at a party and I didn't drink so it seemed like I'd hate that anyways. At least with a license I could drive to the mall and buy books or at least not have to ride the city bus to my job at Dairy Queen. 

So with the recital, it means we have all summer where the only thing I'm running kids to is Jackson's baseball, which starts tomorrow. It's kind of glorious. Maybe I'll see if I can sign them up for swimming lessons or something. I feel bad they couldn't go to any fun camps this year because we couldn't afford it, so I want to do something for them. It'd be so much easier if I just won the lottery, honestly. 

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The Flynnigans said...

I hope that luck is on your side and you win that giveaway.

She's so damn cute! :)