Tuesday, July 7, 2015

So.. summer is almost over.

Honestly, every year after July 4, it feels like a really fast decent into the fall and like that last good month of summer flies by so quickly you can hardly enjoy it. Especially this year when it feels like we haven't done a damn thing. No vacation, no real time off with Matt, and too broke to do super fun things. But because we really only have like 6 weeks of summer to enjoy, I have decided that we are going to enjoy it whether we can afford to or not because that's what life is- never being able to afford anything. 

This has been the first summer since I was 15 that I haven't worked. Isn't that weird? It's really weird to do the stay-at-home mom thing. This is a post for another day, but honestly, I'm getting more done at home than I ever did working and running a home, I'd like to know what other stay-at-home mom's are doing where their houses are a mess. 


So because I was going to be at home every day, we wanted to get a pool for our yard for the kids to play in. Which we did.

 We've had exactly TWO days this summer where it wasn't so damn cold out or raining. Neither time was it a fun experience because while the air temperature was hot, the water was FREEZING.
You can't tell, but the kids' lips are purple and they are shivering. That's all the further into the water they went. Jackson got out quickly but Olivia, determined to make sure the pool wasn't a waste, stood there for 15 minutes before she got out. She was so cold she ended up wearing a sweatshirt when it was 82 degrees outside.

This week the kids are gone the entire week at my in-laws. We signed them up for this summer school about local history which my mother in law is helping with. I don't know how much they'll like it, but it was free and they get to be away from home for a week, so that's fun for them. 

The plan for next week is to venture to the Twin Cities by myself with all three kids and go to Como Zoo, which is free. So I'm basically paying for gas and food. I bought a Groupon-like deal for ride wristbands, which normally I can't afford but this was buy one, get one free, so I got it. The kids have no idea but will be super excited because every time we have ever gone to the zoo I've had to say no to rides because I didn't have money. Then maybe the following week we'll go to the Minnesota Children's Museum because I got cheap entrance tickets in a Groupon-like thing, too. But it's going to be scary to take three on my own. If it were just Olivia and Jackson, no problem. Total pro, easy peasy, not worried at all. Throw an infant into this and yeah, that's tricky. Mostly because a run to Target feels like a major under taking right now. 

The other thing I've decided is that I'm going to start running again. Not that I was an actual runner before, or very good at it at all, but I admittedly lost a lot of weight trying to run, and I really need the fresh air. Being home with Penelope every day is starting to get to me.  I haven't had a conversation with a grownup aside from Matt or my mom in awhile. Not that I'm chatting with people while trying to run, but feeling like I have something to do during the day feels huge. I can't even tell you how excited I am to go to Target (tomorrow) and grocery shopping (Thursday), which just Penelope. I'm spreading it out so I get to venture out of the house more than once this week. Big stuff, people! 

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The Flynnigans said...

Look at that pose and leg that homegirl has goin on. And sweet, sweet Jackson :) they'll be so excited that you've made all these plans. :)