Thursday, August 20, 2015

In the news: Huckabee, Terrence, periods, hashtag and Zayn.

Oh lambs, what a news week it's been!

Mike Huckabee is a total asshole. When I first saw this I actually checked to see if it was an article on The Onion because surely a person can't be this heartless. As it turns out, YES! Some can be this heartless and this much of an asshole. I can't even talk about the article without my blood pressure going through the roof, but I will tell you this: anyone who believes it's perfectly OK for a child, a 10 year old child, should be subjected to carrying a baby to term, delivering it, and then somehow mothering it, you sir are despicable. Truly. It brings me back to that one candidate who believes God gives women the capability of "shutting the whole thing down" when she's raped. I'd like to ask Mike how he would feel if he had a ten year old daughter who was raped and subsequently pregnant, would he really subject his daughter to that? What if it was his wife who was brutally raped on the street and she became pregnant? He'd be totally OK with that, talk about what a blessing from God that baby is and love it as his own? Bitch please, I doubt it. I'm so sick of people who feel like they should have any kind of say on what a woman does with her body, let alone an unexpected and/or unwanted pregnancy. You don't believe in it? Fabulous, don't get an abortion. Problem solved. Worry about yourself and hope for the best for everyone else. Your religious beliefs shouldn't make anyone else feel ashamed about their own life choices. It's not for you to decide. I wouldn't have an abortion, but I fully support someone else's right to access safe health care to make that possible. 

Terrence Howard is a loser. And a cry baby. And a skeeze. So the quick and dirty here is that Terrence was married to a total nut job named Michelle for a hot minute. I'm sorry, but she looks like she isn't rolling with all of her marbles intact, so I don't know what he expected was going to happen. But anyways. They got divorced, she went nuts, cops were called, he was ordered to pay alimony or something, and now he's mad because he was on a successful show (Empire) and now she gets huge chunks of that money and he's stomping his foot like a baby. Honestly, I could care less because this guy has "I'm a skeezy guy" written all over him. And now he's crying on the stand and that I cannot stand for. Man the fuck up, buddy. I can't feel sorry for you, YOU married the nut job. Deal with it.

That one lady ran a marathon on her period. It was disgusting. This was huge like, last week. It was all over Twitter, Facebook, and I saw it twice on Instagram. The fact that people are like, "You go, girl!!" is baffling to me. I feel like, as a woman, I can absolutely say periods are fucking disgusting. If you tell a man you have your period, they back off like you have the plague unless they are Terrence Howard and kind of skeezy who aren't afraid to get down with a little blood. And I don't care what's happening, everything shuts the hell down that week because no. I can't enjoy sex wondering if this towel is enough, if I'm ruining my sheets, thinking about the clean up, etc. But what exactly is the point of running a marathon with no tampon or pad? Like what does that say? You have a fully functioning reproductive system? YAY. I really feel like I'm missing the entire point of this other than you just ruined a good pair of running pants.

#Inthe90sweasked. Um, super entertaining hashtag.

Zayn has lost his shit. First he left One Direction. Then he broke his engagement with that girl from some girl band that isn't even good. Then he trashed talked her online. Now he's messing with Taylor Swift, and she's like Disney- you don't fuck around with her because her fans will cut you and burn your house down. They are CRAZY. But now Taylor's is-he-or-isn't-he boyfriend Calvin Harris is telling to calm his shit. I feel like Zayn should be careful because Taylor will write a song about him and that's never pretty. I'm also pretty sure Calvin is going to leave her for some young hussy and he's probably hoping this act will save him from a retaliatory song as well. But let's get real and feel sorry for Zayn. His career is pretty much over now, right? I mean, in all of the history of boy bands, there haven't been any real standouts. Literally the only successful one was Justin Timberlake and that's because he had that amazing song about a cheating Britney Spears. Everyone knows Harry is the real star of One Direction and the rest of them need to just tow the line and enjoy their money because when Harry says it's done, it's done. Sorry, Zayn.

OK, that's the news this week. Have a news story you want my thoughts on? Leave a comment and I might feature it next week! Otherwise don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin so you miss none of the action, lambs.

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Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Huckabee is suuuch a douche. I can't even begin to comprehend how he or anyone could think that way. I hate that male politicians (or any politicians) have so much say over a woman's reproductive health. And I totally agree, someone's religion doesn't give them the right to shame anyone. Or decide something for the entire country.

Ruth said...

The thing about the period. That is weird. I had not heard of that. How is that a thing about how society thinks we need to wear something. I don't want to feel something running down my leg and I don't want to try to wash out blood stains. But, wearing a tampon is just one more thing to worry about. And if she trained this way for a year, apparently she never trained on her period or never uses anything any time.