Friday, August 7, 2015

Monthly budgets suck, folks. They suck hard.

I've basically been avoiding this task for oh... eight months. Mostly because I know that I won't like what will likely be totally obvious because I enjoy living in the state of DENIAL.

Denial is a lovely world where money miraculously shows up and mathematically it doesn't make sense. Denial is where you totally think you can buy those cute new shoes and go for a dinner and a movie. Denial totally lets you spend money in gas and concert tickets and tells you it'll be totally fine because you know, pay day.

I have learned that Mr. Denial is not my friend and I don't like Mrs. Reality.

She's rude.

But because I have the ability to put my big girl panties on, ones that Twinky the Dinky Dog has not chewed, I did and I did the budget. 

The good news is that if we eliminate $2000 in debt by the end of the year, we might not starve and we might have heat this winter. The bad news is that if we don't eliminate that, we might starve and not have heat this winter. So you know, no big. 

The really crap thing is that all of the non essential things? Are already gone. We negotiated to lower our internet and phone to $50 a month. We switched our car insurance and got that lowered. My grocery budget for a family of 5 is down to $400. I really can't get that even lower. We qualify for zero assistance anywhere, so that's super. Our major issue is definitely credit cards. Like every other red blooded American trying to stimulate the economy and such. 

Don't you tell me I'm not patriotic, dammit. 

The hard knocks of it is that I still have school supplies to buy for the kids. Jackson still needs like plastic spoons and forks for school and I'm legit considering hitting up Wendy's tomorrow with my large purse. 

And it's a really terrible cycle, because after I pay the bills, we're broke. So you use credit cards. Which then you have to pay next month. Which leaves you broke again. I mean, unless we volunteer to not eat for two weeks, we never really get ahead. 

It's now coming down to loser-ville for the Strand Family, at least through the rest of the year. Skimpy Christmas, I have no idea if I can even register Olivia for dance, and god help us if anything in this house breaks. 

The American Dream, folks. 


Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Oh, girl, I'm so sorry to hear that. I can definitely relate. Some days I wonder if I'll ever stop feeling like I'm drowning in debt. I was joking (not really funny) with my hubby today that I might need to sell a kidney AND an ovary. Sigh. Finances are the debbil.

Ruth said...

I feel ya. I am exactly there. Having to use credit cards to get by.
Totally sucks.
America! Yes, we are livin' the dream.