Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Four months, too big and too fast.

It's so hard to believe that Penelope is four months. I'm even late getting this post out but alas, she is definitely four months old. Where the hell has time gone?

So at four months, she wears 9 month clothing. She has her checkup later this week, I'm dying to know how much she weighs! We're also in size 3 diapers. The same size as my 10 month old niece.
Penelope has an array of faces she makes at me daily. She has quite the personality so in that regard, she very much reminds me of Jackson.
But look wise she still reminds me of Olivia. In fact, I call her Olivia on accident quite a lot. Especially at this chunky stage, Olivia hit the same chunky stage at the same age.
We'll be starting some rice cereal after we get the go-ahead from her pediatrician. I think she's more than ready, I can't eat in front of her without her getting fairly angry.
She can roll from front to back though she chooses not to for the most part. She's now very close from going back to front. I think she's more interested in that. But she can turn herself in a circle while on her stomach.
She loves, loves, LOVES music. If we're having a rough day, she immediately gets happy if I play Toddler Radio on Pandora. The song Twinkle, Twinkle makes her sleepy. If she's being a turd during a feeding, if I sing (pretty much anything) she'll eat like a champ and stare at me like I'm a nut job. I'm not above looking like a nut to get it done. 
The pets have adapted really well to her. I think the one who wants her to do something productive for him is Twinky (clearly) and Stumpy. Stumpy will rub up against her if we are practicing sitting and he thinks she's going to spank him (his preference to petting) like we do but she just pulls chunks of his fur. He's pretty tolerant and will look at me for some assistance. Twinky tries daily to lick her face and sit on her. He licks her feet if I leave her in her bouncy seat. This does not please her. I anticipate her chasing him soon enough.

But it's four months. Honestly, I feel like the easiest and the hardest months are over. She's pretty agreeable to anything at this point. We're napping in our crib and I've gotten her on a nice routine now that the kids are in school. I'm pretty lucky she takes a nice morning nap so I can clean up the kitchen and get dinner started or organized, and then afternoon is a bit of a bust because I need her up by 2:30 so we can get the kids at school at 3:15. I have to get creative on her feedings as well because we can't feed during the drive obviously and I'm trying to prepare myself for winter when it can take me awhile to get to the school because of the weather and getting her dressed for it.

Other than that, she's a delight. Easiest baby out of the bunch, no question. I thought Jackson was easy but Penelope blows him away. We'll see what the next month brings us!

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Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

She is so cute! I love the picture with the dog and reading about what they want from her haha. I'm glad she's the easiest baby yet, especially after your bad day the other day!

The Flynnigans said...

Your animals are going to LOVE when she's running after them at full tilt. Lolol!

I love her OOOOO face. To be a fly on the wall in your home, especially in light of your last post. Lol jk!