Monday, September 7, 2015

Run or else.

I am that mom that will sometimes force an activity on her children for the greater good. I am that mom who will tell you to go play outside in the heat because you will not die. I'm certain you won't because I didn't, and you've got unlimited water and shade.

You'll be fine.

Olivia is a lot better about it than Jackson is. Jackson is, hands down, the laziest kid I have ever met. He hates all activity. He doesn't enjoy sports. He tries sports, and then when he realizes he's not star quality he decides it's dumb and he'd rather sit on the couch. To get him to do anything you have to just force him. If you give this child a choice, he will always take the easiest route.

So every summer a local company that runs a major marathon has these smaller "just for fun" kids running races. Every year we somehow miss the one at our local park but come hell or high water, we make it to the final picnic because there is a free dinner involved and I'm all about free food when it's hot out because I'm not trying to cook.

So we went. The kids got their t-shirts and their new drawstring bags. Which end up being perfect when we do sports or dance during the year, we just use those.
 Penelope came too and wished she could have ran.
I'm there for moral support. I also hate fitness. Clearly, Jackson got that trait from me.
Our age group races took forever so the kids spent some time taking selfies.
Which kind of reminded me of a Beastie Boys music video, actually.

These kids crack me up on a DAILY basis. Comedians, I tell you.
I actually don't have many photos of Matt with the kids because he doesn't like his picture taken, but every once in awhile I can sneak one.
 Penelope thinks kids running all around her is hilarious.
Finally it was Jackson's turn to run. You can see the enthusiasm all over his face.
 But then he actually did run!
He got his finisher's ribbon. He was not so happy he came in second to last, only beating one boy who I'm pretty sure was disabled. But at least he finished.
Olivia was far more enthusiastic about it, though.
She finished right in the middle of the the kids in her age group so that was good for her.
Olivia wants to go running with me and I'm pretty sure I'm going to sign her up to do the Color Run with me since I'm signed up for that already. Who knows, maybe she'll be in cross country or something some day? I won't hold my breath on Jackson, if he passes gym class I'll call it a win!


Unknown said...

My kids would be the ones walking at the back of the pack. Well at least my 10 year old would be. He is the Pokemon style kid and not a sports kid. We just started him on an exercise program and he seems to like it for the most part. Lou my 5 year old has so much energy that he runs around the house just because he can shouting random phrases from his favorite tv shows. I need to see if they have a race like this around me. They have one but it involved tons and tons of mud which I knew my kids wouldn't like. This one looks more their speed.

Love the kids selfies! My kids take videos of themselves all the time with my phone. They crack me up.

Crystal said...

I was never into running. Dancing, yes, running, no. :) It looks like a lot of fun, though! It's so cool that Olivia enjoys it!

Shann Eva said...

Ha! I always say my oldest is the laziest kid I ever met. He doesn't like to ride his bike, he walks incredibly slow, and would much rather watch TV. We tried T-ball...OK Tumbling...he actually liked. Loved the selfies of your kids, and that Penelope is adorable.

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Hahaha Jackson finishing second to last cracked me up. Not because he did, but because of how you described it. :)

Unknown said...

I love the name Penelope, and your Penelope looks like a little sweetie. The picture of Jackson right before the race is priceless :D I so enjoy the way you tell stories--I laugh every time. Congrats to both of them for finishing (passing gym will be a win--ha!).

Cynthia said...

As a runner I have to appreciate the grins on their faces!
Cynthia @craftoflaughter

Chuck said...

Many kids seems to be lazy when they are little, but in most cases they just want to be good at something. Sport is great, but I think there is too much completion even for the little kids. It should be more for fun then winning. Kids would feel better about themselves and would not have to be pushed to participate.

Domicile 37 said...

haha! you sound like me...I do not try to cook when it is hot outside....if there is free food, you bet, I will be there...and my middle child is also the LAZIEST person I know. I am happy your kids were able to have one last hooray before summer is over. This was a great post...a just do it type of post!

Anonymous said...

Totally lazy as of now. I used to be super active as a kid. My mom wouldn't see me except for meals, because I was always out and about. Your kids sound like they're a blast! :)

Unknown said...

I never told my parents when I was a kid but my knee used to hurt when I was a kid

Caitlin said...

I was totally like Jackson. Physical activity? No thanks! But I've started running a lot and I'm really liking it!
xo, Caitlin
And Possibly Dinosaurs

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