Monday, November 9, 2015

Let's play catch-up-with-the-Strands

It feels like every few weeks I have a catch up post and here we are again.

So, all three of my kids are still alive. Olivia is busy with dance and guitar and volleyball is finishing up. YAY. Jackson has Boy Scouts and it feels like this year they are doing more so he's been busy. Penelope is still cute.

I realize I don't have many pictures of Olivia being an awesome big sister, but I have a bunch of Jackson being a good big brother. Probably because he's so freaking adorable about it.
Shortly after this picture, she spit up all over him and their fun bonding time was over.
We visited Matt's parents and got our pumpkins. We apparently missed the opportunity to go find our pumpkins out in the field, but the kids still had fun. Olivia was pleased that hers ended up huge, but Penelope's ended up being the largest. Mine was the smallest this year.
Penelope hasn't been feeling well for awhile, this is my first experience with a baby having a nasty head cold so we've all taken turns snuggling her. I think she likes to snuggle Jackson the best.
Oh yes. She can sit on her own now. It's SO hard to get a good picture of her anymore because she basically flaps her arms like a bird all of the time so everything is blurry. But this was a quick one I took while she watched Sesame Street after our morning bottle, but before our morning nap. I'll have a post tomorrow all about her- she's 6 months already!
I have been stressed to the max so I won't lie, I've been eating this in shameful amounts. I've taken to hiding it in the downstairs freezer underneath vegetables so nobody else has any. I also buy it when it's just Penelope and I because so far, she hasn't ratted me out.

More soon, lambs.


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

"Penelope is still cute." Confirmed. Also I love that she 'flaps her arms like a bird' constantly hahaha. I neeeed some ice cream, ASAP.

The Flynnigans said...

Your little birdie is starting to look less and less baby-like, she's getting old :( her face is changing quite a bit.. Maturing I guess. Love that the little nugget sits up and flaps her wings. Hahaha ;)