Monday, November 23, 2015

Winners and Monday thoughts.

Oh, did you think I forgot to announce the winners of my two recent book giveaways? Well I kind of did. I did the drawing with Olivia, totally forgot to upload the pictures until I was doing it tonight so I could post about my Owlcrate box for you on Wednesday and whoops.. there they were.

Bottom line- I'm a total deadbeat.

The winner for the Life and Other Near Death Experiences book is Shann Eva! We also have a winner for the children's book Crow Made a New Friend and that is Traveler!

Congratulations! Woo hoo!

Here are some other thoughts I'm having this morning:

  • I hate to complain about the weather because we had a 60 degree day in the middle of November in northern Wisconsin. That is completely unheard of, it should be really cold and snowy. So far, no snow. But this week it's been cold and I'm not happy about hauling a baby around in the winter. I forgot how totally crappy that is. 
  • I got a new job! I'll be working seasonally at Target and would you believe my first day is tomorrow, but my first day cashiering is Thanksgiving night? I will have exactly zero training on the register but what could possibly go wrong, right?! 
  • This Saturday my kids' school is having a Barnes & Noble book fair to help support literacy and technology for all students. It would be so great if you considered supporting it, even online! If you purchase things online from November 28 - December 2, use Book Fair ID# 11756277 at the checkout and we'll get 10% of your sale for our students! It's easily my most favorite fundraiser because I'd rather buy books, games, and fun stuff versus wrapping paper at an obscene price! I already have cute gift items waiting in my cart for Saturday! 
  • Did you know I kind of hate Thanksgiving? I feel like it's a stupid holiday and I just feel angry by the time it's over. I cook all freaking day, eat food I'm sick of looking at, and then clean up. This year I get to work and I'm kind of excited. I totally am all about Black Friday. I have always met the BEST people out shopping and have fun. I've never experienced awful (except that one time at Walmart but that's kind of the norm at Walmart no matter what day it is) and it totally gets me in the mood for my favorite holiday- Christmas
Ok lambs, that's it for today. Come back tomorrow where I share my Christmas wish list with you. Wednesday I'll show you what I got in my OwlCrate "Myths & Legends" box. Thursday is Thanksgiving and I'll post what I'm thankful for, and we'll round the week out with In The News. Have a great week! 

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Chelsea said...

You're from northern WI? ME TOO!!! Where at? I'm in Oconto Falls, half an hour north of Green Bay!

Anonymous said...

I am from WI too!! :)

Unknown said...

Hooray! Thank you so much...I'm super excited. That's so cool you are working at Target. Did I tell you that I used to work there? It's really a great company. No fair that you didn't get snow, by the way. I'm south of you and we have it.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the job! That is fantastic! Tho I'm not sure I could work Target during the holiday time. That would be crazy! :)

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Ohhh, I love me some Target! Congrats on the job! I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving either. It's just meh to me (and I don't have to do all the work of I could imagine REALLY hating it then!).

Unknown said...

Congrats on the job and good luck on your first day (or night!)

Beth@FrugalFroggie said...

Congrats to the winners!! Sounds like great books they won.

Neely said...

Congrats on your new job! That's so exciting :)