Tuesday, January 5, 2016

8 Months.

I almost forgot to take Penelope's eight month pictures but thank goodness the kids have a better idea of what the date is, let alone the day of the week. It's all basically the same for me at this point.

Penelope at 8 months is really very fun. These are always the months I enjoy because they are starting to communicate with you, can play toys, and their little personalities are really blossoming.
It's getting harder to do these pictures each month because she's really more interested in eating the sticker and my camera is literally the crappiest ever so most of my pictures end up blurry and you can't use them for anything.
Fun things she does: she's a little bit shy. Sometimes when you say hello to her or pay any kind of attention to her, her left arm goes up and she ducks her head like this. It's pretty damn adorable. She got a toy camera for Christmas and if I say to her, "Say cheese!" this is the pose I get.
She's hilarious. She doesn't talk a whole bunch but some days it seems like she can't stop. She laughs and can now blow raspberries at me.
She puts her arms up when she wants you to pick her up. My favorite thing is when we play, she will sometimes yank me over to her and she just wants a hug and kiss and she's good, pushes you away again. It's like she just wants a little reassurance or love. That reminds me of Jackson so much, but to me, she looks just like Olivia. It really blows me away sometimes- she'll look at me and it's like I'm sitting with baby Olivia all over again.

She sleeps mostly through the night. She is teething something fierce so she will occasionally wake up in tears and just need a little love and she's good. Matt still feeds her around 4:30 in the morning, right before he goes to work, and then she can make it until 9 which is when I'm back from bringing the kids to school. We have a pretty solid routine so that's nice.
Overall she is an absolute joy. She is definitely the easiest of the three. I keep saying that, and it's totally true. Even on her worst days, she's easier than the other two ever were. She's so sweet and I can tell she's going to be a kind heart as she gets older.


Miss Nutralicious said...

Cute pics! 8 months was when my daughter started eating the stickers too. I just took her 10 month photos last week, and she is STILL eating the stickers.

Julie H said...

She's totally adorable