Thursday, April 14, 2016

Glam VoxBox Review!

Oh man- did this box come at the perfect time or what?! I was in major need of some self pampering and I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of my favorites and a couple of new to me products to test out as part of the Influenster VoxBox campaign! So what did I get?

Venus Embrace disposable razors
Venus with a tough of Olay Vanilla Cashmere Shave Gel
Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads
Nor Your Mother's Dry Shampoo
Q-tips Precision Tips

SO MUCH STUFF! But I was most excited to get the Venus disposable razors because this is the kind I buy for myself normally because I can really get a great price with coupons and store deals at Walgreens or Target. I also love the Venus shave gel because I don't get bumps post-shave when I use this, so though I don't always find coupons for it, it's kind of my "splurge" I pay full price for. 

I also loved the SheaMoisture facial skin care because I do use that when I can find a deal on it. I usually buy it online because it is actually a bit cheaper than buying it in store. 

So the new-to-me items were the Q-tips, dry shampoo, and the nail polish remover pads. Now, I obviously use Q-tips for a variety of things but to be honest, my number one use is when I'm doing my nails, I use them to clean up any stray polish around my nail. I haven't ever seen the precision tips, I have always gotten the regular rounded ones and if you screw up just a little bit, you'll be re-doing that nail's polish. The precision tips are AMAZING. Where have you been all of my life?! These are so much easier, especially around your tiny toes. I have already made the switch and hidden these so people don't use them for stupid stuff. 

The Not My Mother's (unscented) Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo is such a weird, foreign thing to me. I have so many friends who really rave about it and just the convenience of it. I have a really tough hair type because it's extremely thick, it's wavy, it gets frizzy if you try to do anything with it, and it's basically the worst hair ever. It really must be because every time I go to get my hair cut you just see this look of, "Oh man.... I don't have time for this..." on the poor stylist's face. And I get it, man, I don't have time for it either. Also given the fact that daily showers are a thing of luxury I don't know about anymore with a demanding baby and another on the way and having to share the shower with two older kids and my husband, I really had hoped this could be my savior. But if you are a fan of dry shampoo in general, I recommend this because it's priced at a really affordable $7 for a full size container and that's a steal compared to competitor brands. 

Sadly, it wasn't. It didn't really wash my hair at all. In fact, it left my hair feeling similar to leaving mousse and/or hair spray in your hair overnight. That weird, not really crunchy but definitely not clean feeling in the morning. I didn't like it and it really made my hair into a giant snarl ball that was an absolute nightmare to detangle. So I'm not sure if it as just this particular brand of dry shampoo or just a sign I need to find time to legit wash my hair. 

Lastly, I tried out the Cutex Advanced Revival Nail Polish Remover Pads. Now, if you know me in real life you know I am not a beauty guru, I usually stick with the cheapest basics because I don't know what I am doing. The great thing about these is that they are super handy and convenient, you can stick them in your purse and they are TSA compliant if you are the kind of person who gets to travel by plane. I know I'm that annoying person who if I have a chip in my polish I will remove all of my polish and start over. I'd rather have naked nails than chips in them. The packaging says one pad can remove the polish from all 10 fingers or toes. Now, I have relatively small nails and little fingers but I definitely struggled to get my dark red polish off of my nails. It left my nails a light pink whereas when I use that same polish with my cheap store brand remover with a cotton ball, it all comes off. So that was a downer. It wasn't great with glitter polish, either. The nice thing about it was that my nails didn't feel so dry once I got the polish off like happens with cheap polish remover. Which is especially nice if you hate going through the extra step of putting something on your nails to fix that. I also used the pads to clean off adhesive residue after having a Jamberry manicure and that worked SO well. So in the end, I'm kind of torn on these. I love how handy they are and I'll probably buy more just to have in my purse or in my little Jamberry pouch but if I'm doing a dark or glitter polish, I'll likely stick with my regular store brand remover. 

Overall? I was super pleased with this box! It's nice to try out products without having to buy a full size version because what if you don't like it? So I'm grateful to have a reason to use the bathroom lock for an afternoon! 


Shooting Stars Mag said...

Those precision tips sounds amazing! I would use them for my nails as well, since I have weirdly small nails as well and it's difficult to get them polished correctly the first time. hah Sorry you didn't really like the dry shampoo. I don't know what brand I used, but I used it for a few days a few months back after I had ear surgery. I couldn't get it wet so no washing my hair. Whatever dry shampoo I had was a nice spray and it made my head feel nicer and not itchy and like I was dying for a shampoo. haha


thotlady said...

I have tried several dry shampoos. Dove is the best and reasonably priced. Sometimes it is hard to find, but worth the search.