Thursday, April 7, 2016

Life with three is... busy.

I really shouldn't even talk about what life with three kids is like because it'll be life with four kids in what, 18 weeks? It's insane. I cannot even wrap my head around that and everyone keeps telling me it'll be like having twins, as if that is supposed to make it sound better.

Stop saying that folks, that sounds horrific.

But life with three really IS hectic and I just now feel like I'm getting into a groove. Penelope is demanding but also not, if that makes sense? Ever since she was sick she's been a literal cling on to me and yay- that's super cute, but it's also not cute because sometimes I just really want to pee alone. Or eat without a tiny human clinging to my leg in full tears because I have put her down.

So I am that mom who has resorted to letting her play with plastic bags. I know, choking and suffocation hazard but I'm always right there and she basically just likes the noise they make when she shakes them. Desperate times call for desperate measures, folks.
Twinky is an absolute asshole. He does this pretty much all day. I keep saying that once he dies I will never, ever get another dog, ever again. Nope. My cats are so low maintenance and a dog is so very much high maintenance and I just have zero patience for it. That and this fucking dog will crap in the  upstairs carpet and just give zero fucks. I could stand outside with him, he will do his business and be fully done, and come inside to just continue because he can. It's infuriating. The upstairs carpet in every room and hallways is already super gross and now I'm contending with this. I just cannot afford new carpet and even if I could- why freaking bother?

I hate this dog. If I didn't think he would die of an actual broken heart if I gave him away, I would. But he would be super sad and depressed and even I'm not that big of a jerk.
I forgot all about this but way back in like, January or February Jackson was Class President for a week. During that week you get special duties or something but on one of the days he could have lunch with someone special. So Matt and I came (and brought him lunch from Subway, and brought Olivia lunch too because I like to be even) and he was SO EXCITED. He pretty much waited the entire school year to be Class President and had a countdown in his room.
And actually, I told him only I was going to make it and we surprised him by having Dad there. He was so happy. It was really the best thing ever knowing something so small could make such a big difference for him. So yeah, that was fun.
We've had a pretty mild winter so I hate to even complain but ugh.. snow. I'm totally sick of it. This is from a few months ago, I like to pick the kids up from school and purposely park where they have to trudge through deep snow. They both totally face planted after I took this. I'm sad I didn't get that captured. But I also sometimes like to lock the doors and make them dance to get in. I don't get to do that often because Penelope gets so excited once she seems them coming so it's best to just let them get in so she calms down.
Olivia had her first ever dance competition in March. We had this whole thing planned that we would ride down with my friend Andrea and her daughter Sydney, who Olivia is best friends with. We'd do the hotel thing, practice, swim, have dinner out, be a total girls weekend. Then I got sick and I knew by Wednesday there wasn't a chance in hell I would go not only because I felt like crap but because I didn't want to get Andrea and Sydney (or anyone else) sick, knowing they have a super young baby they are around a lot. So I missed it and Olivia was so upset. She had a feeling I wouldn't be able to go but knowing she was still going with Andrea and Sydney made me feel better because I knew she would have fun anyways. And I'm so grateful to have Andrea as a friend and so willing to even bring Olivia.
I was even more heartbroken when I heard not only did they do SO WELL, but that they won second place out of the groups in their division! I was at home, constantly on Facebook looking for photos and video, and I saw this one of Olivia and Sydney hugging once it was announced and no lie- I totally started crying. I hate that I missed this. These girls worked SO hard this year and they absolutely deserved this. The even better thing is that they know what to expect next year so I anticipate big things from these girls. I'm just sad that they don't have dance over the summer!

So that's kind of what it's been like here. I feel like I'm barely treading water but everyone is alive and I haven't totally dropped the ball on anything yet. This weekend we are having a birthday party for Jackson with his friends, so next week I'll post about that. That's on Sunday and have I started any party favors? NOPE. HA! It's at the roller rink (his choice!) so thankfully I don't have to do decorations or anything, but my goal was to at least make a fun Minecraft goodie bag, and he wants me to make him a cake. Which.. we'll see. I honestly have no patience for it and let's be honest, my skills are not good at all. But I also can't justify spending $30 on a cake when I know I can make one for $10. So yeah. We'll see what I end up doing. But he's excited and I'm just happy I can do something for him. Olivia already asked for some kind of spa day party for her in September. OY.


thotlady said...

It is nice Olivia is involved in dance, it looks like she really loves it. Your kids seem very sweet, keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

ooh spa days are so easy and fun! get some dollar store white slippers and dollar nail polishes and nail separator dealios and bam, you have your bags for guests for 3 bucks. then you can paint nails, get those hair chalk things that wash out, do fun "mud masks" just mush up some avocados and do home made masks.