Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Did you enter to win a free book? Maybe you won..

I have to announce winners before I lose track of time and I want to make sure you get your free book soon!

Up for grabs last week was a copy of Saving Abby:
Yay Peggy!! I'll be emailing you soon but I can't wait to hear what you think about this book!

Then, I had a copy of Keep You Close up for grabs as well..
Are you anxious to see if you won? (Pretend I sound like Bob Barker here)
Anne come on down!!

Two really great books, two even greater readers! I have a few more books that are going to be given away this summer, and if you missed it, I have another giveaway that is just starting today- go enter! You can't win unless you try! If you didn't win either of these books but need them in your life, click on the green links and it'll take you right to Amazon and you can just add it to your cart and go. Easy peasy!

Happy reading, and thanks for entering lambs!

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