Monday, June 20, 2016

Let's play catch up before I squeal about our trip!

First of all, we have to announce the winner of the one copy of Lone Star Nights which ended on Friday.

Random draw says it will be thotlady! So yay!! I'll be emailing you soon so keep an eye out for that! I will be announcing the winner of Sleepless in Manhattan tomorrow so stay tuned for that.

In the meantime, I have a bunch of photos I wanted to share on what's been happening around here. I know, you want to see stuff from our trip from the Wisconsin Dells and I promise you that you'll get them tomorrow with a full review of what we did. I'm getting things off of my phone because my camera is total crap in the pool area so I relied on my phone. Yeah, I live dangerously like that, walking around a water park with my phone in hand!

I'm in full nesting mode at this point. This is driving everyone nuts because I'm forcing them to get into it with me and they hate it. But a big project so far this summer was the SHED. The shed in our yard is where all of the lawn and pool toys go, everything we don't want kids in the garage trying to get to. I didn't take a before photo, but just assume it looked like someone picked the shed up and shook it because that's what it was. It's SO organized now.
I may or may not have threatened bodily harm or grounding for life if they mess this up. Also not shown is the fact that their bikes fit in here AND Penelope's little pool. Even the kids have mentioned how easy it was to find stuff now.

Funny how that works.
We've had maybe five nice days so far this summer but otherwise it's been cold, windy, and rainy. Total crap but I guess for me being so pregnant it's working out. But on the warm days we've been out in the yard because Penelope loves it. She will bang at the back door until we go.
We also got her a small toddler chair for the yard because we've had some incidents where she fell off a big one, so now we have one just her size and she feels like a big kid.
Oh yes, and the sandbox. Well, she doesn't understand what she's doing but she's always crying in absolute disgust when she remembers you can't eat the sand. Well, you can, but it tastes really bad.
Matt's been working hard on some projects (photos coming soon) and this is my favorite picture this summer so far. She absolutely adores dad.
This weekend it was SO WARM on Sunday and Matt was busy putting the pool up so the kids got to take advantage of it. It was probably the highlight of their weekend.
I totally took this picture from my office window because it's rare I get things like them holding hands and talking about life. I say it a lot, but I am so grateful my kids actually like each other (most days) and consider each other friends. It's really nice to not worry because I know they have each other's back. Love their guts.

OK. So tomorrow we'll talk about the Dells. I have three book reviews for you this week and a bunch of other stuff lined up. I've been busy, busy and oh yes- a belly picture. Soon. Promise.

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