Thursday, June 9, 2016

So yeah, I've got a toddler. It's weird.

I cannot tell you how weird it is to say Penelope is a toddler. Toddlers are creatures unlike anything else. I was just telling my mom that despite having made it through Olivia and Jackson, I feel like a first time mom some days, and then other days I feel like an old pro. I have questions about stuff I've forgotten but I can't ask on the mommy pages I follow on Facebook because some of those are just the worst and annoying. But alas, that's a post for another day.

OK, so Penelope is 13 months old now. It feels weird. She loves to be outside though she really hates grass. She does love to swing.
Snack time is her favorite time and she makes the BEST faces.
Every single morning, after getting dressed, she likes to sit down and feed the baby doll she got for her birthday. It's really pretty sweet and I'm hopeful this means she'll think a real live baby is the greatest thing ever.
In the meantime, she pretends Twinky is her baby and he's never far from her if she has food. They share snacks. Mostly this means she licks the flavoring off or gets it wet and then hands it to him. Sometimes he'll reject it and she'll eat it. It's all pretty gross but honestly, I have bigger things to worry about.
We hang out a lot. I'm kind of excited about summer and having Olivia and Jackson home more to play with her. I'm getting so tired and it's really hard to be chasing her and sitting on the floor with her playing, so it's going to be nice to have the big kids home.
My mom says that Penelope is my twin. She said not only does she look like me as an infant, so much so that it's alarming to her, but the mannerisms and her personality is exactly like me as well. Which is kind of cool, at least we know she'll turn out AWESOME.
I can't even tell you how sweet this little girl is. She's basically the biggest love bug ever.
Oh! She's a full blown walker now!! She's now experimenting with running but we aren't super successful with that. But she toddles everywhere now and it's freaking adorable.
Oh  yes, we finished painting her toddler bed. We bought some bedding for it, it's in her room... we just haven't transitioned yet. Mostly because she believes it to be a bounce house.
The plan is once the kids are out of school, I'll start trying nap times in her bed. That way if nap time goes to shit, I'm not having to deal with a crying, cranky toddler in the van waiting for the kids to come out of school. Think good thoughts, folks. Good thoughts.
We finally got sand in our sandbox this week and she was pretty alarmed by it. Excited, until she ate it and decided it was not a suitable snack, and then freaked out when she couldn't get the sand out of her mouth. The sandbox adventure lasted a full three minutes.
We came back in for a real snack, and you'll notice we've transitioned to a sippy cup! It was a bit of a bumpy transition but we're there. She's pretty damn picky which cup she'll use for what but I'll take it. At least I won't have two kids in bottles. Small victories, I suppose.

So yeah. That's Miss P at 13 months. It's unreal to see how quickly this goes.