Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Back to School... thank the lord.

Lambs, this summer was the longest ever but also the shortest ever. It was long because MAN ALIVE it is really hard to entertain three kids of varying ages all day every day. It's a good thing I never went to work in a day care because this is the summer I learned that is not where my skill is. How we made it out alive, I don't know.

I don't know.

But it was also the shortest because I basically lost the entire month of September to newborn haze, medical nightmare, and sleep deprivation.

But the kids are BACK IN SCHOOL and it's glorious. Well, except trying to figure out how to get them there and back every day. I'm hoping that gets significantly easier soon because yikes otherwise.

Remember how I mentioned that I do a Back to School gift for the teachers? Well now that we've given them out I can share what I do.
It's a super fun Survival Kit basket! I do the same thing every year because it's like all of the stuff you wish you had stashed in your desk for "those moments" where you question your career choice.
The baskets came from Target's dollar spot, and I also included: a reusable straw cup, notebook, to-do list notepad, cute pen, snack mix, candy, chapstick, hand sanitizer, Advil and Tylenol, those to-go one time use mini toothbrush things (which are SO HANDY to have in your purse), lotion, and I think that was it? It's just a bunch of cute stuff to have on hand.

This year I have Olivia, who is now in fifth grade, and Jackson, who is in third.
This will be Olivia's last year at elementary school and I teared up thinking about it on the first day. Next year I'll be just as nervous as her when she goes to the big middle school. Into the sea of big kids. But for this year, she's still little. But not so little.
Jackson is a third grader and I can hardly handle it. He's getting so big and just... he's turning into a big boy so fast and I don't know how this is happening. Like it's over night and he'll be in puberty and then what?!
But he's pretty damn excited about third grade, I think we're in for a kind of tough year. Third grade was hard for Olivia and she's light years ahead of Jackson in a lot of ways, so I really hope we can get through this year with minimal tears but I'm not super optimistic.
I don't know what fifth grade has in store for Olivia. I know it's definitely harder, a lot more responsibility, and preparing to go to the middle school. I know my challenge this year will be backing off on her a bit, letting her take charge of what she needs to do. I'm such a control freak and micro manager that I know I'm going to struggle but I have confidence we can both do it. She's got this.
But man. Look at how big they are. It goes so fast in hindsight but feels like forever during it all.

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Julie H said...

Weird they have lockers in elementary school! They don't even have them in the high schools here anymore.