Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Ra-Ra Oy

Last year I earned the title of "meanest mom EVER" because I, in a haze of giving birth to Penelope, did not carefully read one newsletter that came home from school well enough to see that junior cheerleader registration was happening. I didn't see it; therefore, Olivia did not get to participate. And, according to her, EVERYONE ELSE in the entire world not only read the newsletter but also registered their daughter and they got to participate, and Olivia didn't, and what is wrong with me, why am I such a mean mom?!


I had to hear about the cool jackets they got, the hair bow, the poms, and how they got to hang out with the high school girls and it was SO MUCH FUN, but Olivia wouldn't know because she clearly was not there.

I heard about it for months, you guys. Months.

So THIS YEAR, I not only read every single newsletter, but I signed her up. I know. I did it, despite the fact this would all be starting right when I'd be giving birth to Lucy but who cares about mom because by fucking god- we are getting to cheerleading this year, come hell or high water.

So I submit to you, photographic proof that not only did I get her registered, but that every week now we somehow get to practice on Tuesday and game on Saturday to cheer her butt off.
With all of her friends, no less.
Honestly, none of this would happen without my friend Andrea taking Olivia on as her fourth kid each week because things are still tricky over here with Matt's work schedule and me with essentially two babies.
But rest assured, Olivia and her flamingo legs are out there every week doing their cheerleading thing.
Except I'm told that she can't do the Whip/Nay-Nay thing and she is the quintessential white girl. Uncoordinated and just... she's adorable. She really is adorable and I'm glad she's having a ton of fun doing this.

Even if I haven't been dubbed BEST MOM EVER yet. She's a tough customer, this one.

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