Monday, October 31, 2016

Half Assing Halloween.

Well, it's Halloween. I have to be honest and tell you I have zero idea where the hell October has gone, but I'm glad it's over and I'm onto November. I have lots of doctor appointments this month so I'm going to start the month totally optimistic about my body falling apart.

No matter what, I somehow always manage to get the kids to Boo at the Zoo near our house every year and this year I was a little worried. Last year was a bit iffy with Penelope and she mostly cried in her stroller with her duck costume on, so I wasn't sure how it would go with her this year, let alone with Lucy. Lucy isn't dressed as anything this year because she's so little, she just has a Halloween onesie and I carried her in the carrier the entire time, so no pictures of her. BUT..

Penelope is a bee this year. I really wanted her to be an octopus but she cried and shook her head no in the store, but hugged this costume, so bee it is. She wore it pretty willingly so that was nice.
Olivia is a cat and she came up with her costume all on her own based on an idea out of her American Girl magazine. Jackson wanted to be a skeleton and thank god I found this super easy costume that he can wear over his regular clothes. He was pretty happy even if his mask is crooked.
It's hard to get a picture with all three, but you can see here Penelope was totally over having her hood on.
She really liked seeing the animals though and kept pointing at things. Our little zoo has had a lot of hardships: from losing our polar bear, to the flood that killed a lot of animals and destroyed structures, lack of funding and dwindling attendance- we just don't have as much to see as we did even when Olivia and Jackson were little. It's pretty disappointing because for the price you pay to get in, you really aren't getting any value. Total bummer. BUT, I still try to support the zoo and honestly? We're short on things to do around here so we do try to go once in awhile.

Tonight the big kids are going to trick or treat, and Olivia is having a friend come with and spend the night, and it's my turn to walk with them. Which means Matt gets to stay home (warm and dry) with the littles. Our plan is to basically then stay up and eat/hide the good candy from the kids. It's kind of nice they have no school until Thursday so I don't have to worry about waking up over exhausted kids for school. Which THANK GOD because last night was rough with Penelope and Lucy. Both of them were up a lot for no real reason so needless to say, I'm exhausted today. I clearly deserve candy.

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Julie H said...

this is the first Halloween that my kids were home and nothing was going on. Talk about weird.