Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Workout Wednesday: Zumba and giant rubber bands

Hi lambs! I forgot to post my Workout Wednesday last week so I'm making sure I am posting it this week so you don't think I'm a slacker.

I mentioned I was going to join a weekly Zumba/dance fitness class and I totally did! We've had two classes so far and I'm finding I'm ridiculously thirsty for hours after working out despite drinking a lot of water while working out. I've gotten it down to two pee breaks in our one hour class, so there's something. Overall, I never want to go because my bed is really comfortable, but I've pushed myself to show up and participate and I haven't died.

Though I'm pretty sure Connie (the instructor) is trying.

The fact that this is listed as a SQUAT CHALLENGE should terrify you, but you should also know I've done it twice now and you will pee your pants the next morning before you can squat on the toilet. Seriously, give it a whirl.

My arms are so jiggly so I've dug out my resistance bands, which are like giant rubber bands. I managed to do some exercises with those and only snapped myself once! Frankly, that's a win.

I haven't lost any weight but I feel like I will. I really wish I didn't get so tired so quickly, and I really wish I could go for a walk outside. It's gotten cold here, and we've had some snow and rain, which makes for slippery roads and sidewalks so walking outside is off the table. My treadmill just isn't the same. That and I have zero motivation to get on it. At least with the zumba class I'm leaving the house and that's pretty helpful.

Anyways. It's not a lot of progress, but it's more than doing nothing at all so I'm pretty satisfied with myself. Here's to another week of moving the fat around!

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