Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Phone dump- November

I'm kind of digging these general posts where I show you random things from my month. Sometimes I want to share things but I don't have to write to justify a full post so I'm just going to do this. You're flexible like that, right?

So way back in November, one of my best friends invited Olivia and I out for a Mommy & Me paint night at a local art studio. Olivia and I aren't real great but Tammy had been to this kind of thing before and said it was a fun time.
And she was so right. I had been having a pretty rough week and it was the week I was switched to a different anti-depressant, and I was feeling like I wasn't doing enough for Olivia since I know my recovery since my AFE has been hard on her as well. It was just really nice to meet up with our friends for a fun girls night out.
And as it turns out, our paintings didn't suck, either. I'm hoping to do another one of these classes soon, I didn't realize how relaxing it would end up being.
I don't think I've mentioned my hair is falling out. So yeah, my hair is falling out. Huge clumps like this. That is just from running my hand through my hair. Nobody knows what it is causing it for sure, it could be a medicine, it could be hormones, nobody knows. It's to the point where in December I got crazy and cut several inches off thinking maybe if it wasn't so heavy it would help. As it turns out it's still falling out and now I have bangs. Sigh.
Last year we never made it to Bentleyville and I felt horribly guilty about it. Penelope was just a babe and I was exhausted, and yeah. We didn't do it and the kids reminded me that I had failed them. So this year it was unseasonably warm in November so I decided on a whim one night that by god, we were going to go. So poor Lucy not only was outside for the first time at night ever, but a cold one at that. And windy.
Penelope rode in the stroller (pretty well) and Matt carried Lucy on his chest in the carrier. Granted, it was not nearly as cold as it had been in previous years but I am no longer equipped to handle the elements so I complained a lot.
But we saw Santa, spent a full 15 seconds on his lap and hustled the hell out of there. I think we were in and out within an hour. I know people who linger forever seeing the lights and I'm like, "Yup- they are on, look at that" as we're walking as fast as we can through everything.
I started writing a book. I know, it's true if you can believe it. It's set to be my recovery from dying and what it all means. I think. I don't actually know where it'll end up but hopefully I'll be published someday.
I took a picture of each kid on Thanksgiving Day. This year it was pretty much agreed nobody wanted to cook so we went to a buffet. And it was amazing, so stress free, and absolutely something I want to make a tradition. I kind of hate Thanksgiving anyways, so I have never looked forward to it, but this year wasn't so bad.

So that was my November, folks. I feel like we did a lot in November. Strange how long ago it was already.

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Julie H said...

Haven't done a paint night but it looks fun!